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Example of different dye areas

Dyes are a type of item that unlock colors for use in customizing your armor. Dye unlocks are account-wide, allowing all characters on your account to use any color you have unlocked.


New accounts begin with access to the Starter dye set, containing 21 colors. Additional colors are unlocked by first obtaining Unidentified Dyes or dye kits. Opening one of these will produce an identified dye, named for the color it unlocks (e.g. Emerald Dye); consuming this identified dye will unlock the color for your account.

  • Unidentified Dyes are available for purchase from Laurel Merchants and as rewards from in-game content.
  • A Dye Pack is offered in the Gem Store which contains 7 dyes.
  • Limited-edition dye kits appear from time to time on the Gem Store, usually related to the Living World. These kits have a smaller pool of possible dyes they can contain, and most also have an associated set of exclusive dyes that can only be found in that kit.
  • Identified dyes can be combined in the Mystic Forge to produce a new dye of the same or higher rarity.

If an identified dye has already been unlocked on your account, the item's tooltip will display a warning to this effect, and you will be unable to consume the dye.

Dye interface[edit]

Dye interface on the Hero panel.

The Equipment tab of the hero panel opens with a "paper doll" model of the character and, to the left, a set of three interface options: Equipment, Wardrobe, and Dyes. Selecting the Dyes option brings up the interface shown in the thumbnail at right:

1. Dye tools
Select from dye painter (default), dye remover, and dye picker.
2. Favorites
Shows your current favorite dyes.
4. Dye list
Shows all dyes unlocked on your account.
5. Equipment
Your currently equipped outfit and armor.
6. Dye channels
Shows the available dye channels, with current dye, for each piece of equipment.
7. Transmutation summary 
Shows how many transmutation charges are available and how many the current changes will require.

The dye painter tool is used to apply dyes to the dye channels of your equipment. To do so, simply select a dye from the list on the left, then click on the dye channel where you want to apply it; the change will be reflected on the paper doll. Hovering over a dye channel will temporarily show the dye on the paper doll without changing the dye on that channel. The available dye channels are dependent on the item's current skin — most armor and outfit skins have between one and four dye channels, although some have no dye channels.

The dye remover tool is used to remove dye from a dye channel and revert it to its default color.

Dyes can be added to the "Favorites" list by right-clicking on them, either in the dye list or in the dye channels area. To remove a favorite, right-click on it in the favorites list.

The dye list can be sorted by three different criteria, available by clicking the gear icon at the top right, to help you find the dye you want:

The major color grouping that the dye falls under: gray, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple.
The armor material that the dye was designed for: vibrant, natural metallic, or natural leather.
The rarity set that the dye belongs to: starter, common, uncommon, rare, or one of the dye kit exclusive sets.

Dyes can be previewed together with skins, managed through the wardrobe interface, allowing a player to completely customize the character's appearance before making any permanent modifications.

After making any changes, the transmutation summary will appear. Dye changes do not cost any transmutation charges, but if you have made any skin changes, their associated costs will be shown here. Clicking "Apply" will permanently save the dye (and skin) selections to your equipped items. Clicking "Reset" will revert all changes made to the paper doll.

Color output[edit]

Each piece of this armor is dyed with the same color, but the results are dependent on the material (cloth, leather, or metal) which creates slight variations between different parts of the armor.

The final result of applying a dye to an item is influenced by the different material components of the skin — every dye has slightly different color codes that apply to cloth, leather, or metal. This is demonstrated in the screenshot at right.

List of dyes[edit]

There are 596 dyes currently available.

By hue[edit]

By material[edit]

By set[edit]

Standard sets[edit]

Exclusive sets[edit]

{{Dye list|set|Flame and Frost}}
{{Dye list|set|Tequatl Rising}}
{{Dye list|set|Tower of Nightmares}}
{{Dye list|set|A Very Merry Wintersday}}
{{Dye list|set|Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath}}



  • During the first beta weekend event, players were required to obtain Colorful Dye Seeds that required cultivation back in the "Home" area. Cultivation took either 24 real world hours, or the purchase of an item from the Gem shop. Once cultivated it would drop a soulbound, unidentified dye; that dye would unlock a new color. This system has since been replaced.
  • Prior to the April 2014 Feature Pack, dye unlocks were character-based.