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The [[hero panel]] (shortcut: {{key|H}} by default) is a [[graphical user interface|GUI]] element which displays information about the [[character]]. It has seven tabs; equipment, skills and traits, wallet, my story, crafting, achievements and finishers.

== Equipment ==
[[File:April_2014_Feature_Pack_Wardrobe_UI.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Equipment tab]]
[[File:April_2014_Feature_Pack_Wardrobe_Panel.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Wardrobe tab.]]
[[File:April 2014 Feature Pack Dye Panel.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Dye tab.]]
This tab gives an outline of the [[character]] and allows the player to see and change the equipment used. There are three sub tabs to this tab; 
* Equipment - selected by default or by selecting the crossed swords in the middle-top of the panel. Allows selection of combat equipment and displays information which affects gameplay.
* Wardrobe - allows to transmute the player's equipment to change his appearance.
* Dye view - in either of the above views, the color dropper icon allows dye to be applied to the currently equipped [[armor]] or clothing.

=== Equipment ===
In Equipment tab the player can manage his armor, weapons and other equipment. The middle of the panel gives a close up look at your character. To the left are slots with icons representing the armor currently worn on that part of the body. Underneath that are your weapon sets.

To the right of the equipment view, detailed information about the character is given. Any stat modified by [[dynamic level adjustment]] is given in green next to the actual stat. From top to bottom, left to right:
* name
* actual level
* an icon indicating the [[profession]]
* an icon indicating the current [[personality]]
* [[attribute]] values and [[dynamic level adjustment|effective values]] in green
* character statistics: [[attack (attribute)|attack]], [[critical chance]], [[armor (attribute)|armor]] and [[health]]

Underneath this information are [[trinket]] slots, [[harvesting]] tools, [[breathing apparatus]] and aquatic weapon sets.

The far left of the tab shows items in your inventory which can be equipped. Equipment can be dragged and dropped from here to the corresponding slot.

=== Wardrobe ===
In Wardrobe tab you can transmute your equipment with every armor and weapon skin that you unlocked in the game on any character on your account without losing the armor stats. Equipping, salvaging, or destroying a piece of gear or a skin will add the skin to your Wardrobe if you have not already unlocked it. You can also right-click the item and select “Unlock Skin” as well. This option will be greyed out and not selectable if the skin is already unlocked in your Wardrobe. You can preview your looks before applying each change to your equipment. Each transmute will cost 1 [[Transmutation Charge]].

=== Dye tab ===
In the dye tab the player can apply different color dyes to clothing and armor. The left of the tab is replaced with a panel with dye color swatches and the armor icons are replaced with representations of the colors currently applied to the item. You are able to preview dye colors on your equipped armor by simply selecting a color and moving your mouse over the armor dye channels. 

==Skills and traits==
[[File:Hero_panel_weapon_skills.jpg|thumb|250px|Weapon skill information screen.]]
This tab allows you to view and pick [[skill]]s and [[trait]]s for your character and quickly view how many unspent [[skill point]]s and [[trait point]]s the character has. There are three views here; weapon skills, slot skills and traits.

=== Weapon skills view ===
The [[weapon]] skills view shows the different weapons available for the character, the skills associated with that weapon and the progress towards unlocking them. Mousing over a skill brings up the skill tool tip.

=== Slot skills view ===
[[File:Hero_panel_slot_skills.jpg|thumb|250px|Slot skill information screen.]]
The slot skill view displays information about the character's healing, utility and elite skills. Here the player can unlock skills using unspent skill points by clicking once on the skill to be unlocked and a second time to confirm the unlock. Each locked skill is shown with a greyed out icon with an overlay of the skill point cost. An unlocked skill is shown with a full color icon. 

Utility skills are available to unlock in tiers, which require a number of skills at each tier to be unlocked before those in the next tier can be seen and unlocked. Each tier of utility skills are grouped together.

Unlocked skills in this view can then be dragged and dropped into the available skill slots so they can be used in combat. 

=== Traits view ===
[[File:Trait interface.jpg|thumb|250px|Trait interface.]]
Here the player can view the traits available for their character and spend trait points to improve their character.

== Wallet ==
[[File:Account Wallet.jpg|thumb|250px|Wallet interface.]]
The wallet tracks all account [[Currency|currencies]] acquired.

==My story==
[[File:Hero_panel_my_story.jpg|thumb|right|250px|My story tab.]]
{{main|Personal story}}
This tab keeps track of events in the personal storyline. Each story step is given a page within this tab, completed steps are shown in white and an incomplete step is shown in green.

[[File:Hero_panel_crafting.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Crafting tab.]]
This tab shows your crafting panel, including recipes, apprentices on specific crafting profession, and other associated stats.

[[File:Achievements interface.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Achievements tab.]]
This tab keeps track of all available achievements and the character's current state in achieving each of them. Clicking on any achievement category expands it, listing specific achievements, their tiers and points earned in that achievement and the number of points possible from completing the next tier of the achievement.

== Finishers ==
[[File:Finishers interface.jpg|thumb|right|250px|Finishers tab.]]
This tab allows selection of the active finisher for [[World versus World]] and [[Structured PvP]].

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