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Crystal Array Formatting for bookahs[edit]

User AdventurerPotatoe CrytalArrayFormatting.png

As you see here, all blue dots are crystals. Got it? Gadd was supposed to channel magical energy in different directions through the crystals so that the GOLEMs would be enchanted. Each crystal is 'X' in power, when channeling energy through eachothers 'X' is doubled each time. When doing that, you format them in a serial. Got it, bookah? When each crystal on its own enchants a GOLEM, the energy would be 'X'x'Z', instead Gadd overloaded the enchantment buffer by doing it in serial instead of parallel, the energy would now be 'X'x('2X'xZ) which is the double than in parallel, he overloaded the enchantment buffers and died of the explosion.

In other words, enchantment buffers doubles the effect, so if an enchantment buffer buffs an enchantment buffer the final enchantment buff is doubled. The overload of energy caused an explosion which killed Gadd.

Got it, bookah?

-From "History of Asuran science for bookahs"

Professions Speculation[edit]

Elementalist - Confirmed
Necromancer - Confirmed
Mesmer - One piece of concept art clearly shows a Mesmer'ish profession and mentioned in Ghosts of Ascalon
Ranger - Confirmed
Thief - One piece of concept art clearly shows an Assassin'ish profession - Confirmed
Engineer - Confirmed, Based on Kranxx from Ghosts of Ascalon, the new concept art of turrets and the fact that technology became a bigger part of Tyria
Warrior - Confirmed
Guardian - One piece of concept art clearly shows a Knight'ish profession and alot of concept arts with soldiers or even Logan Thackeray is named Knight and stuff (I was partly right, the statements are true if you replace the word Knight with Guardian, also Knights were the original name before more magical themes was added) - Confirmed