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Unknown Professor Prankki[edit]

Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Profession: Mesmer
Affiliation: Order of Whispers .
Other info:

Known for his lame humour and magpie-like mischief(usually involving replacing people's possesions with imaginary stuff.) his family has been working with Chu The Medium ever since Chu started visiting Rata Sum on a regular basis, they   generally just help each other with whatever they need. Both are in Order of Whispers and are working on a plan to effectively and safely travel to Elona without going near Kralkatorrik. All that is known to other agents is that it involves   the mists and a new chronomagical transportation method.  
Professor Prankki has worked with charity in his bank roof krewe, using the energy of an elementalists lightning hammer to get to the roof and then using a short term existence-modifying portals and exploiting an error in physics allowing  travelers to remain unaffected by the fact that the portal is short term, so that they may stay even when reality changes back. It's a complex mesmerological technique that she learned in the college of synergetics. That method is also used in  the mist war to transport people to the treasure in the obsidian sanctuary. The bank roof project was mainly so that people could be stunned by the beauty of Lion's Arch from above, a sight none has forgotten and a sight that will be as unseen  as Mursaat.
Prankki also has a krewe consisting of Chu, Séarlas and Eskil, what they're doing is not always legal and in some cases not so ethical. Trying to help the stranded whales by putting a Big Ol' Bomb next to them is'nt exactly ethical, much   less legal.

Unknown Séarlas[edit]

Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Profession: Engineer
Affiliation: Durmand Priory .
Other info:

The gentleman Sylvari engineer Séarlas rarely rests, if he's not killing Orrians with his asuran colleague Neeo he's probably doing morally questionable science and not knowing his social limits. His way of being not so Sylvari'ish and yet so    Sylvari'ish led him to get a position in Professor Prankki's slightly non-racist(accepting but still full of prejudice) krewe. His krewe is a lazy bunch and it gives results, in quanity, quality, well that's, er, uh... Um, too subjective to  measure? Moving on, the purpose of the Krewe is basically to adventure, to live life when you can. Except for Chu. He's just having fun and taking his time. 
He often gets to do all the dirty work in the Krewe and is known to be a ladies man, and man's man, if that's a valid expression. These rumours are false, he's just hitting on people when he feels like it and then failing, which gives him a  reputation. Because, if you look professional, you will be viewed as professional.

Unknown Chu The Medium[edit]

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Guardian
Affiliation: Order of Whispers .
Other info:

Chu The Medium was a Canthan ritualist and has lived in Tyria ever since Kormir ascended into godhood. He was given a mission by a mysterious figure in the mists claiming to be working for Grenth, to be an ambassadeur of the mists. Chu      doesn't know whether he's doing Grenth's work or not, especially since he doesn't do much work at all. He's constantly fightning in the mist war and every now and then he goes to Tyria to do missions for Order of Whispers. He's not helping         partculary many people try to settle peace with spirits of the mists or anything at all. He does it when he comes across a case, otherwise he just does what's fun. Who knows when the mists will pull in his priveligie of immortality?

Unknown Eskil The Skaald[edit]

Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Profession: Thief
Affiliation: The Vigil .
Other info:

The poetic and poor Norn loves ballads with emotions you can feel 
Though being poor forced him to steal 
Thus, meeting a wacko asura named Prankki, 
He made a deal
The professor he now will thank ye
For he now affords ale that isn't stale
All in exchange for thieving a bomb to move a whale
and so he can sing about the krewe's bravery and morally questionable quests
After he assisinated minister Caudecus guests
Writing in third person is somewhat his gimmick
But now he's had too much beer that he's sick
Seriously, I'm gonna throw up, my poems suck
I wish there was an animal spirit called duck