Shadow Pursuit

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Shadow Pursuit

Not available underwater  

Thief tango icon 20px.png Thief (skill list)
Shadow Trap.png
Destroy Shadow Trap.png
Shadow Pursuit.png
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Shadowstep to the target that triggered Shadow Trap.

 Stealth.png Stealth (5s): Invisible to foes.
 Fury.png Fury (5s): 20% Critical Chance
 Might.png10 Might (10s): 300 Power, 300 Condition Damage
 Breaks stun.png Breaks Stun
 Range.png Range: 10,000

— In-game description [?]


  • This skill will only stay active for 10 seconds, after the 10 seconds, it will revert back to Shadow Trap which will have a 35 seconds left on its cooldown.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
July 16, 2019
  • Shadow Trap removed from the game.
July 28, 2015
  • Fixed an issue that prevented this ability from recognizing the Deadly Trapper trait when applying might.
January 27, 2015
  • The duration of might granted by this skill has been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
October 15, 2013
  • This skill now functions with the Meld with Shadows trait.
June 25, 2013
  • This ability now grants fury and 10 stacks of might for 5 seconds along with stealth when used to teleport to the enemy who triggered Shadow Trap.
  • This ability now breaks stuns.
  • Using this skill puts Shadow Trap on recharge.
November 15, 2012
  • Shadow Pursuit has been added to the game.