Agent Carver

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Agent Carver is a Pact agent found in the Pact camp near Izz-al-Din Sarayi.



We're going to bring the fight to Zhaitan and his forces in Orr.
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What's your role here?
I'm leading the assault across these islands to the shores of Orr, to deliver Zhaitan some retribution.
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What's the assault plan?
We'll hold this camp and push forward to clear the path into Orr. From there, it's up to others to finish the job.
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What was your role in all of this, again?
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You make the fight with Zhaitan sound personal.
My husband and child were slain by the Risen. They left me with no family and no home.
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That's terrible. Is that why you're heading up this attack?
All I care about now is killing as many Risen as I can, and driving a dagger through Zhaitan's heart, if that creature has one.
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Good luck.
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What landing were you talking about?
The Pact came ashore on the southern coast of Orr, near Lasciate Gate. We need help keeping our foothold. Get over there!
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On my way!