Haunted weapons

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Haunted weapons

Haunted weapons are a set of weapons introduced during the release of Shadow of the Mad King 2017.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Haunted Axe.pngHaunted Axe Axe
Haunted Dagger.pngHaunted Dagger Dagger
Haunted Mace.pngHaunted Mace Mace
Haunted Pistol.pngHaunted Pistol Pistol
Haunted Scepter.pngHaunted Scepter Scepter
Haunted Sword.pngHaunted Sword Sword
Off hand
Haunted Focus.pngHaunted Focus Focus
Haunted Shield.pngHaunted Shield Shield
Haunted Torch.pngHaunted Torch Torch
Haunted Warhorn.pngHaunted Warhorn Warhorn
Haunted Greatsword.pngHaunted Greatsword Greatsword
Haunted Hammer.pngHaunted Hammer Hammer
Haunted Longbow.pngHaunted Longbow Longbow
Haunted Rifle.pngHaunted Rifle Rifle
Haunted Short Bow.pngHaunted Short Bow Short bow
Haunted Staff.pngHaunted Staff Staff



  • It takes a minimum of 4 years to acquire a whole set, as players can only complete the associated achievement every 5 days during Halloween.
  • When drawn, the weapon will emit faint violet light.
  • They were created by Lunatic Weaponsmith Markham.

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