Demon-Haunted weapons

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Demon-Haunted weapons

The Demon-Haunted weapons is a set of weapons that was introduced with the October 13th, 2020 update. Before any specific weapon can be purchased, the equivalent Haunted weapon must be unlocked first.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Demon-Haunted Axe.png Demon-Haunted Axe Axe
Demon-Haunted Dagger.png Demon-Haunted Dagger Dagger
Demon-Haunted Mace.png Demon-Haunted Mace Mace
Demon-Haunted Pistol.png Demon-Haunted Pistol Pistol
Demon-Haunted Scepter.png Demon-Haunted Scepter Scepter
Demon-Haunted Sword.png Demon-Haunted Sword Sword
Off hand
Demon-Haunted Focus.png Demon-Haunted Focus Focus
Demon-Haunted Shield.png Demon-Haunted Shield Shield
Demon-Haunted Torch.png Demon-Haunted Torch Torch
Demon-Haunted Warhorn.png Demon-Haunted Warhorn Warhorn
Demon-Haunted Greatsword.png Demon-Haunted Greatsword Greatsword
Demon-Haunted Hammer.png Demon-Haunted Hammer Hammer
Demon-Haunted Longbow.png Demon-Haunted Longbow Longbow
Demon-Haunted Rifle.png Demon-Haunted Rifle Rifle
Demon-Haunted Short Bow.png Demon-Haunted Short Bow Short bow
Demon-Haunted Staff.png Demon-Haunted Staff Staff


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