Demon-Haunted weapons

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Demon-Haunted weapons

The Demon-Haunted weapons is a set of weapons that was introduced with the October 13th, 2020 update. Before any specific weapon can be purchased, the equivalent Haunted weapon must be unlocked first.


  • Sold after unlocking the Haunted weapons variant for Gold coin and 4 Candy Corn Cob.pngCandy Corn Cobs.
  • Weapons[edit]

    Item Type Item link
    Main hand
    Demon-Haunted Axe.pngDemon-Haunted Axe Axe
    Demon-Haunted Dagger.pngDemon-Haunted Dagger Dagger
    Demon-Haunted Mace.pngDemon-Haunted Mace Mace
    Demon-Haunted Pistol.pngDemon-Haunted Pistol Pistol
    Demon-Haunted Scepter.pngDemon-Haunted Scepter Scepter
    Demon-Haunted Sword.pngDemon-Haunted Sword Sword
    Off hand
    Demon-Haunted Focus.pngDemon-Haunted Focus Focus
    Demon-Haunted Shield.pngDemon-Haunted Shield Shield
    Demon-Haunted Torch.pngDemon-Haunted Torch Torch
    Demon-Haunted Warhorn.pngDemon-Haunted Warhorn Warhorn
    Demon-Haunted Greatsword.pngDemon-Haunted Greatsword Greatsword
    Demon-Haunted Hammer.pngDemon-Haunted Hammer Hammer
    Demon-Haunted Longbow.pngDemon-Haunted Longbow Longbow
    Demon-Haunted Rifle.pngDemon-Haunted Rifle Rifle
    Demon-Haunted Short Bow.pngDemon-Haunted Short Bow Short bow
    Demon-Haunted Staff.pngDemon-Haunted Staff Staff


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