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Find and slay the treasure mushroom! (Bloodstone Fen)

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Find and slay the treasure mushroom!

Haunted Canyons
(Bloodstone Fen)
Event type
Event boss (tango icon).png
Group event
Interactive map

Interactive map

Find and slay the treasure mushroom! is a level 80 group event that occurs in Haunted Canyons.


  • Treasure Mushroom
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event boss (tango icon).png
  • (Temporary) Time limit: 00:10



The Treasure Mushroom is a permanently invisible, neutral mob which wanders around the area and can only been seen and damaged by players who have Nuhoch Stealth Detection mastery. When attacked, the Treasure Mushroom begins to flee, beginning a short countdown for the event. If the countdown reaches 0, the Treasure Mushroom disappears. The countdown stops when the Treasure Mushroom is damaged by a player with Nuhoch Stealth Detection mastery and will start again if the Treasure Mushroom is not damaged for a long period of time. The Treasure Mushroom does not attack but is very fast and will flee from the closest attacker.

  • Try and back the Treasure Mushroom into a wall so that it does not run into the path of other mobs.