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Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License

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Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License.png

Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License

Item type
Account Bound
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Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License banner.jpg

Gem Store banner.

Double-click to consume.
Gain a random mount skin that you do not already own from the Black Lion Stables. Right-click to preview available mount skins.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 400 Gem.png
Gem Store Gem Store 5 for 1,800 Gem.png
Gem Store Gem Store 15 for 5,100 Gem.png

Contained in[edit]


Using the license unlocks a random mount skin from the list below; it cannot drop any of the skins available from any other source.

Raptor skins[edit]

Springer skins[edit]

Skimmer skins[edit]

Jackal skins[edit]

Griffon skins[edit]

Roller Beetle skins[edit]



  • All the mount skins can be dyed.
  • This item has 15 different unlock possibilities.
  • You only get the skins you don't own already i.e. it is not possible to receive duplicate skins.
  • It is possible to buy more licenses than there are skins; if this occurs support must be contacted for a refund.
  • You can get a skin for a mount you do not own, however, this will not unlock the respective mount. But once you have unlocked the mount, you can use the skin.

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