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November 17, 2012

Update 2 - 17 November 2012[edit]

Update - 17 November 2012[edit]

Hi everyone,

We have now identified and applied fixes for the reported bugs related to the Lost Shores phase 1. This includes events for the NPCs Canach and Fahd al'Eshadhi, but not for Noll who is still bugged. We've also fixed the bugs of Miyani sending multiple emails, Blingg's voice over being spammed, the Largos dynamic events and a few other bugs.

We've identified the fix for Noll's event but this fix will require additional time to implement. Because of this we're going to leave the Phase 1 dynamic events (investigation of the Karka attacks) open even after Phase 2 starts (Saturday November 17 at 12pm Pacific Time), which will allow us to push a fix for Noll's dynamic event later so that players can complete phase 1 of The Lost Shores event.

This change in the organization of the event means that:

  • To complete Phase 1, you have to complete the dynamic event chain leading to Noll before Saturday November 17 at 12pm Pacific Time; you will be able to complete the dynamic events after Noll once we've pushed the fix; you can refer to the wiki article about Phase [1] for more information;
  • Some NPCs (primarily Canach and Inspector Ellen Kiel) will be duplicated for phases 2 and 3, and may appear simultaneously in Lion's Arch and in Southsun Cove.

We're very sorry about this and hope that you can continue to experience The Lost Shores and help us retake Lion's Arch and repel the Karkas!

Stephane Lo Presti on Official Guild Wars 2 forums post