Wizard Lightning Finisher

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Appearance when used to finish a foe.

Unlock this finisher by discovering it in Black Lion Chests.
Magically electrocute your opponent with this finishing move for WvW and PvP.

— In-game description

Wizard Lightning Finisher.png  Wizard Lightning Finisher is a finisher.



  • The wizard that appears to finish the targets is using a mix of different light armor skins on the game, such as:
Part Skin Skin code
Shoulders Heritage Mantle.png Heritage Mantle
Chest Illustrious Doublet.png Illustrious Doublet
Gloves Seer Gloves.png Seer Gloves
Leggins Sorcerer's Pants.png Sorcerer's Pants
Boots Illustrious Footwear.png Illustrious Footwear