Wizard Lightning Finisher

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Appearance when used to finish a foe.

Unlock this finisher by discovering it in Black Lion Chests.
Magically electrocute your opponent with this finishing move for WvW and PvP.

— In-game description

Wizard Lightning Finisher.png  Wizard Lightning Finisher is a finisher.



  • The wizard wears a mix of different light armors and wields both a modified Guild Pillar Staff and Krytan Sword.
Piece Skin Skin code
Helm Winged Headpiece.png Winged Headpiece
Shoulders Heritage Mantle.png Heritage Mantle
Coat Illustrious Doublet.png Illustrious Doublet
Gloves Seer Gloves.png Seer Gloves
Leggings Sorcerer's Pants.png Sorcerer's Pants
Boots Illustrious Footwear.png Illustrious Footwear
Staff Guild Pillar.png Guild Pillar
Sword Krytan Sword.png Krytan Sword