Fractal Avenger

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Fractal Avengers are special NPCs that only appear in Fractals of the Mists at difficulty scale 70 or higher. Whenever a player gets downed during the fractal, an avenger will spawn on top of their body and attempt to finish them.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Finishes players.


  • The avenger's finisher will fizzle if its target moves out of range (e.g., Deception, shadow Escape, Vapor Form) or enters stealth.
  • Players can disable or kill the avenger while it's channeling to interrupt the finisher.
  • Avengers will not attempt to stomp again if they are interrupted too early.
  • Avengers will be destroyed instantly when interrupted or after stomping a player.
  • Avengers will only be able to stomp the player for which they spawned.
  • Other hostile NPCs in the fractal will attempt to attack and kill avengers.

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