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Elonian weapon skins

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the consumable items. For the weapon versions, see Elonian weapons.

Elonian weapon skins

The Elonian weapon skins is a set of of weapon skins that were available with the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire preorder. Later, they were made available as a loot weapon set.


Weapon skins[edit]

Item Type Item link
Main hand
Elonian Warsickle.png Elonian Warsickle Skin Axe
Elonian Carver.png Elonian Carver Skin Dagger
Elonian Thrasher.png Elonian Thrasher Skin Mace
Elonian Sidearm.png Elonian Sidearm Skin Pistol
Elonian Rod.png Elonian Rod Skin Scepter
Elonian Cutlass.png Elonian Cutlass Skin Sword
Off hand
Elonian Runestone.png Elonian Runestone Skin Focus
Elonian Wallshield.png Elonian Wallshield Skin Shield
Elonian Firelight.png Elonian Firelight Skin Torch
Elonian Horn.png Elonian Horn Skin Warhorn
Elonian Greatblade.png Elonian Greatblade Skin Greatsword
Elonian Smasher.png Elonian Smasher Skin Hammer
Elonian Recurve.png Elonian Recurve Skin Longbow
Elonian Matchlock.png Elonian Matchlock Skin Rifle
Elonian Pocketbow.png Elonian Pocketbow Skin Short bow
Elonian Standard.png Elonian Standard Skin Staff