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Carnival weapons

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Carnival weapons

Carnival weapons are a set of Exotic weapons sold in Ember Bay.


The weapons are sold by Shipwrecked Circus Treasurer, at Shipwreck Beach, for gold. The weapons are rather expensive - the full set costs 1700 Gold coin.

  • Two handed weapons cost 150 Gold coin each.
  • One handed weapons cost 100 Gold coin each.
  • Off-hand weapons cost 50 Gold coin each.

Players can choose to use 10  Circus Voucher.png Circus Vouchers per weapon to reduce its price by 20%. When using this option, buying all of the weapons costs 1360 Gold coin and 160  Circus Voucher.png Circus Vouchers (1,680,000 Karma.png). Only one  Circus Voucher.png Circus Voucher can be obtained per day per account.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Carnival Axe.png Carnival Axe Axe
Carnival Dagger.png Carnival Dagger Dagger
Carnival Mace.png Carnival Mace Mace
Carnival Pistol.png Carnival Pistol Pistol
Carnival Scepter.png Carnival Scepter Scepter
Carnival Sword.png Carnival Sword Sword
Off hand
Carnival Focus.png Carnival Focus Focus
Carnival Shield.png Carnival Shield Shield
Carnival Torch.png Carnival Torch Torch
Carnival Warhorn.png Carnival Warhorn Warhorn
Carnival Greatsword.png Carnival Greatsword Greatsword
Carnival Hammer.png Carnival Hammer Hammer
Carnival Longbow.png Carnival Longbow Longbow
Carnival Rifle.png Carnival Rifle Rifle
Carnival Short Bow.png Carnival Short Bow Short bow
Carnival Staff.png Carnival Staff Staff



  • A little bell jingle is heard when drawing or stowing a Carnival weapon.