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Ukyo Seafeather

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Ukyo Seafeather


Interactive map

Ukyo Seafeather a Fishing Supplies vendor and can be found in the northwestern part of Arborstone, outside the building entrance. This merchant only becomes available after unlocking the Base of Operations mastery of the Arborstone Revitalization mastery track.



Items offered[edit]

Item Type Rarity Level Cost Notes
Wooden Fishing Lure.png Wooden Fishing Lure (50) Lure Fine Silver coin
Amber Fishing Lure.png Amber Fishing Lure (100) Lure Fine 24 Silver coin Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Haiju Minnow.png Freshwater Minnow Bait Fine 24 Copper coin
Jar of Freshwater Minnows.png Jar of Freshwater Minnows Container Fine Silver coin
Glow Worm.png Glow Worm Bait Fine 24 Copper coin
Can of Glow Worms.png Can of Glow Worms Container Fine Silver coin
Ogre Bag.png Bag of Creepy-Crawlies Container Masterwork 20 Silver coin
Angler Hat.png Angler Hat Skin Consumable Exotic 210,000 Karma + Gold coin Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Angler Vest.png Angler Vest Skin Consumable Exotic 315,000 Karma + Gold coin Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Mini Tanuki.png Mini Tanuki Miniature Exotic 105,000 Karma + 50 Flawless Fish Fillet Requires the mastery Local Legend.
Spiritwood Fishing Rod.png Spiritwood Fishing Rod Consumable Ascended 77,777 Karma + 10 Spiritwood Plank + 10 Mithril Band + 1 Spool of Silk Thread Requires the achievement Cod Swimming Amongst Mere Minnows.