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Western Ward

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Western Ward

Waypoint (map icon).png
Point of interest.png

Western Ward map.png
Map of Western Ward

Lion's Arch

Western Ward.jpg
Western Ward

The northern portion of Western Ward


[edit] Locations

Waypoint (map icon).png
Western Ward Waypoint
Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Durmand Dig Site
Western Ward Vista
  1. Go to the back side of the building upon which the vista is located.
  2. Jump onto the rock jutting out from the cliff.
  3. From the rock, jump onto the hillside, then turn around and jump onto the roof.
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
Trader Jikk's

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

Trader Jikk

[edit] Animal companions

[edit] Objects

[edit] Ambient Dialogue

Worker (1): I want ale.
Worker (2): Who doesn't
Worker (1): Maybe those norn are onto something.
Local (1): Did you go out drinking last night?
Local (2): Oh, yeah.
Local (1): I didn't hear you come home.
Local (2): I didn't.
Citizen: This city runs on cash, and I don't have any.
Lionguard: You've got choices: work, fight, or beg.
Citizen: Yeah, well...none of those really suit me.
Lionguard: Wow. Too lazy, cowardly, and proud to make money. Your future's so bright I'm squinting.
Scholar: I spent a few years in the Lionguard.
Citizen: Why'd you leave?
Scholar: I didn't like the violence-to-profit ratio.
Citizen (skritt 1): You know, you were supposed to meet me at the market yesterday.
Citizen (skritt 2): Which one? The one above? Or the one below?
Citizen (skritt 1): I don't go to the one below. And neither do you!
Citizen (skritt 2): Oh, right! I was...uh...getting my lice treated.
Citizen (skritt 1): No more sewers for you, buddy.
Citizen (skritt 2): Right! There are no sewers! Only secrets.
[A human Citizen approaches a closed door.]
Citizen (human): It's me again!
Citizen (human): Won't you come out and talk to me, my sweet?
Citizen (human): Come kiss me good-bye, my darling!
Citizen (human): I'll probably die out there!
[An asura Citizen comes to the door.]
Citizen (human): My love! Why do you treat me with such disregard?
Citizen (asura): Go away.
Citizen (human): You looked taller in the pub last night.
Citizen (asura): You're at the wrong address, you idiot.
Citizen (human): Tomorrow I'm going to redecorate my room.
Citizen (norn): Why? What's wrong with a wood pallet to sleep on? That's what I have, and I'm perfectly happy.

[edit] Trivia

  • At the very North-East point of the lake in the Northern side of the Western Ward, there is a cave containing what appears to be a badge. To get to this cave, you must first go to the Trading Post, climb up the stairs, and jump onto the cliff to the North. Traverse your way around the edge and then jump down onto the ledge outside of the cave.
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