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Eastern Ward

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Eastern Ward

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Eastern Ward map.jpg
Map of Eastern Ward

Lion's Arch

The Old Gangplank.jpg
The Old Gangplank

The Eastern Ward is a section of Lion's Arch. It contains Coriolis Plaza which holds multiple asura gates that are currently under construction. It is accessed by going east from the Grand Piazza.


[edit] Locations

Waypoint (map icon).png
  • Eastern Ward Waypoint
Point of interest.png
Points of Interest
  • The Old Gangplank Vista
From the Grand Piazza, enter the ship heading toward the Eastern Ward. When first inside the boat, instead of the normal ramp down, jump over the crates blocking the center and head up the ramp behind them, then facing northeast jump up onto the rigging and sails and climb to the vista.
  • The vista, located south of the Eastern Ward Waypoint, is actually in the Inner Harbor.
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The Old Gangplank
Personal waypoint (map icon).png
Melydiod's nectar bar

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

Bartender Nixior

[edit] Objects

[edit] Ambient dialogue

Traveler: I made my fortune as a merchant, and now I'm ready to retire.
Citizen: I always figured you'd go into politics, maybe even try for a seat on the council.
Traveler: Not interested. I just want to sit back and enjoy what I've earned.
Citizen (charr 1): My son is fighting in the pit again.
Citizen (charr 2): About damn time! You gotta raise these kids right.
Citizen (charr 1): What're you looking at?
Citizen (charr 2): I'm starin' at you, punk.
Citizen (charr 1): You tryin' to start somethin'? You gotta problem?
Citizen (charr 2): Yeah. Humans and sylvari don't put up much of a fight.
Citizen (1): My guild is being ruined by all the drama going on.
Citizen (2): Which guild is that?
Citizen (1): The Traveling Thespians.
Citizen (charr 1): You know, I wanna raise my kid like we did in Blood Legion, but it's tough.
Citizen (charr 2): Yeah, we need more fahrars here. Who's gonna train our kids?
Citizen (charr 1): I could train him at home, but he needs to grow up with a warband.
Citizen (charr 2): If he's hanging out with sylvari and asura, he's gonna be weak.
Citizen (charr 1): But he still has to know how to trade with them, right? He's gotta work with them.
Citizen (charr 2): No one said living here was gonna be easy.
Citizen (charr 1): I'm taking the asura gate back to the Black Citadel.
Citizen (charr 2): That ain't cheap. You taking your kid back home?
Citizen (charr 1): Yeah, I want him to see what a charr city looks like.
Citizen (charr 2): But he still needs a warband. Cubs are gonna pick fights with him left and right.
Citizen (charr 1): That's the idea. He's gonna see what life was like for his old man.
Citizen (1): Have you heard any news about Logan Thackeray lately?
Citizen (2): No. I assume he's still sitting by the queen's side.
Citizen (1): That's where I would be if I was him.
Citizen (1): I heard Caithe was in town the other day.
Citizen (2): Really? Did you actually see her?
Citizen (1): You never see Caithe unless she wants you to.
Guard (1): Ever been to a moot?
Guard (2): I loved it!
Guard (1): Oh, the norn stories, resounding and bold, powerful and visceral.
Guard (2): The fights, the ale, the drunken stumbling in the snow, and the wily yaks.
Guard (1): Vipers. That's the way to do it.
Guard (2): Are you still angry at him?
Guard (1): Of course. How can I get vipers?
Guard (2): I don't know. Let's talk about something else.
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