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Villagers are generic NPCs found throughout Tyria.


The Mists



In the Village of Shaemoor
You think we'll ever be rid of centaurs? Why can't they leave us alone?
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Kessex Hills[edit]

In Triskellion Vale
This villager is too ill to speak. Perhaps Mayor Trisk knows more about what's happening with these people.
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Leave the villager alone.

Lake Doric[edit]

At Lakeside Bazaar next to Cin Fursarai
I'm sorry, Mr. Fursarai! Please don't hurt me!
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I'm not Cin. Are you alright?
Oh, thank goodness. I'm fine, at least for now. I accidentally broke some things that were very important to Mr. Fursarai, and now he's very upset with me. You do not want to get on his bad side.
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Why do you say that? And why do you call him Mr. Fursarai?
He's my boss, and I really need this job. He's also known to have quite the temper if you upset him. Combine that with me breaking thins, and, well, you heard how that went.
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I'm sorry to hear that. Take care.
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That's good to know.
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You'll live.
At Lakeside Bazaar upstairs from Bagran the Pearl Merchant
This old trading post used to be such a safe place, but now...
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It will be again, when the Mantle are defeated.
Still beats being outside the walls. I worry so for the civilians out there.
Talk end option tango.png
As do I. Stay safe.
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At Bluster Watershed
Are they—are they gone yet?
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The White Mantle? No, I'm afraid not. Are you okay?
No, I'm not okay! The bastards ransacked my windmill, and the damage will take months to repair! What am I going to do without my livelihood? What's my family going to do?
Talk end option tango.png
You'll pull through this. We all will. Trust me.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm sorry. I don't have time for this.