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Disambig icon.png This article is about the order. For the area, see Durmand Priory (location). For the instance, see The Durmand Priory.
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Your power is only equal to the sum of your knowledge.


The Durmand Priory is a scholarly order dedicated to protecting knowledge and lore. Named after the monastery which houses their archives, and in turn after the monastery's founder Durmand, members of the Durmand Priory offer their services as advisers, tutors and chroniclers. Led by the asura, Gixx, they are cautiously willing to share their gathered knowledge.

The Durmand Priory is one of three major multi-racial orders who are looking for ways to combat the Elder Dragons. They hope that intellect, or some lost piece of knowledge, can save the world from the rise of the dragons.


The Durmand Priory was founded in 1105 AE, before the Rise of Orr and the flooding of Lion's Arch.[1][2] The Priory was established about 230 years after the Order of Whispers and predates the Vigil by over 200 years . Its scholars were major contributors to the creation of the New Krytan alphabet, encouraging its use across the known world and thus simplifying communication among all countries, cultures, and races.

Because of its philosophies and ideals, the Durmand Priory was one of the first organizations to accept members from all races.


The Durmand Priory has several ranks in its organization, with each their own focus and specialization.

  • Novices: untested, new recruits.
  • Explorers: standard members; adventurers and explorers who collect lost artifacts, knowledge, and maps
  • Scholars: the academic, more research-oriented version of the explorer
  • Arcanists: magical protectors.
  • Magisters: group leaders among the explorers.
  • Archons: those who deal with dangerous knowledge.
  • Steward: the head of the order, currently Gixx.


The Durmand Priory has a presence in each of the major cities and camps of various sizes strewn across Tyria. Recruitment is done primarily from the cities, larger camps serve as bases to the wider area, and base camps are found in close proximity to the order's sites of interest.

Primary locations
Large camps

Personal story involvement[edit]

Players that choose to join the Priory during their personal story (at the end of the level 26 story mission) will work with Magister Sieran.


Welcome to the Durmand Priory.

Armor and weapons[edit]


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