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Ceremonial weapons

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Ceremonial weapons are high level weapons found as loot from enemies and chests in Kryta. They are always FExotic and have the dire prefix. They can be found as level 62, 70, 78, and 80. They come slotted with a superior sigil based on their level.

Level Sigil
62 Superior Sigil of Blood.png Superior Sigil of Blood
70 Superior Sigil of Intelligence.png Superior Sigil of Intelligence
78 Superior Sigil of Accuracy.png Superior Sigil of Accuracy
80 Superior Sigil of Rage.png Superior Sigil of Rage

These items share appearance with PvP Runic weapons.

[edit] Attributes

Stats shown are for level 80 weapons:

Hand Condition Damage.png Condition Damage Toughness.png Toughness Vitality.png Vitality
One-handed 90 64 64
Two-handed 179 128 128

[edit] Weapons

Hand Weapon
Main Hand
Ceremonial Winged Axe.png Ceremonial Winged Axe
Ceremonial Dagger.png Ceremonial Dagger
Ceremonial Morningstar.png Ceremonial Morning Star
Ceremonial Pistol.png Ceremonial Pistol
Ceremonial Scepter.png Ceremonial Scepter
Ceremonial Sabre.png Ceremonial Sabre
Off hand Ceremonial Focus.png Ceremonial Focus
Ceremonial Warhorn.png Ceremonial Warhorn
Ceremonial Torch.png Ceremonial Torch
Ceremonial Bulwark.png Ceremonial Bulwark
Terrestrial Ceremonial Scimitar.png Ceremonial Scimitar
Ceremonial Hammer.png Ceremonial Hammer
Ceremonial Longbow.png Ceremonial Longbow
Ceremonial Rifle.png Ceremonial Rifle
Ceremonial Short Bow.png Ceremonial Short Bow
Ceremonial Stave.png Ceremonial Stave
Aquatic Ceremonial Pike.png Ceremonial Pike
Ceremonial Speargun.png Ceremonial Speargun
Ceremonial Trident.png Ceremonial Trident

[edit] Gallery

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