Well-fed Ooze

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Well-fed Oozes are yellow or green-hued oozes that are kept in Skrittsburgh to devour things skritt deem useless or dangerous.


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Inflicts Vulnerability
  • Immobilizes
  • Hit - Inflicts damage and 5 seconds of Vulnerability.png Vulnerability
  • Glue Shot Glue Shot - Coat the target area with a glue puddle that Immobile.png immobilizes foes for 1 second every second for four seconds. Radius of 240 units.
  • Arcane Shield Arcane Shield - Arcane. Block attacks with an energy shield. If it blocks three attacks, it explodes for critical damage.
    • Arcane Wave Arcane Wave - After breaking Arcane Shield, release a wave of energy that critically hits.
Stolen skills


Oozes in the Center
The ooze isn't making any hostile moves toward you. It appears to be tame.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Brittle Bone.png Brittle Bone Trophy Junk 2
Bit of Metal Scrap.png Bit of Metal Scrap Trophy, Salvage item Basic 1
Rawhide Leather Strap.png Rawhide Leather Strap Trophy, Salvage item Basic 1
Bone Chip.png Bone Chip Crafting material Fine 1
Small Claw.png Small Claw Crafting material Fine 1
Tiny Claw.png Tiny Claw Crafting material Fine 1
Tiny Fang.png Tiny Fang Crafting material Fine 1
Tiny Scale.png Tiny Scale Crafting material Fine 1
Tiny Venom Sac.png Tiny Venom Sac Crafting material Fine 1