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Disambig icon.png This article is about the effect possessed by Karka. For the Legendary Karka Queen's unique version, see Armored (Legendary Karka Queen).


Effect type
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Incoming damage decreased.

— In-game description

Armored is an effect that reduces damage taken by adult Karka while their outer-shells are still intact. Karka have two health bars; the first acts as their shell's "durability", while the second is the Karka's actual health. Each time the shell loses 25% of its total durability, the Karka will evade for 2 seconds and gain retaliation or regeneration for 30 seconds, alternating between the two. Once the shell's durability has been depleted, it will break, replacing Armored with Unshakable.png Broken Armor and exposing the Karka's "true" health, which will be 50% of its armor.

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