Veteran Flame Legion Smoke Shaman

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Veteran Flame Legion Smoke Shaman

Veteran Flame Legion Smoke Shamans are members of the Flame Legion who specialize in the use of smoke magic.



Combat abilities[edit]

  • Blinds
  • Stealths Allies
  • Immobilizes
  • Ash Blast - Projectile auto-attack.
  • Ash Cloud - AoE spell at target location that pulses Blinded.png Blinded for 3 seconds and deals damage to enemies every 2 seconds over 6 seconds, and Stealth.png Stealths itself and allies once. 1 second cast time.
  • Mark of Immobilization - Creates a mark at target location that deals damage and inflicts Immobile.png Immobile for 5 seconds when triggered. 1 second cast time.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Ritual Bag.png Medium Ritual Bag Container BBasic 1 61
Ritual Bag.png Small Ritual Bag Container BBasic 1 16
Large Claw.png Large Claw Crafting material CFine 1 61
Tiny Claw.png Tiny Claw Crafting material CFine 1 16
Frayed Garment.png Frayed Garment Salvage item BBasic 1 61
Shredded Garment.png Shredded Garment TrophySalvage item BBasic 1 16
Dark Stained Claw.png Dark Stained Claw Trophy AJunk 1 61
Broken Claw.png Broken Claw Trophy AJunk 1 16