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Skill Field Weapon Description


Skill Finisher Weapon Description
Timed Charge.png Timed Charge Blast finisher Harpoon gun Fire a timed charge at your target, damaging and burning nearby foes when it detonates.
Magnetic Inversion.png Magnetic Inversion Blast finisher Shield Release the magnetic field to knock back nearby foes.
Jump Shot.png Jump Shot Leap finisher Rifle Blast the ground, damaging nearby foes and leaping to your target.
Capture Line.png Capture Line Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Cast out a towline and drag your foe toward you.
Homing Torpedo.png Homing Torpedo Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Fire a shot that homes in on your foe and detonates an area around them.
Net Shot.png Net Wall Projectile finisher Harpoon gun Launch a deployable net wall to immobilize foes caught within.
Fragmentation Shot.png Fragmentation Shot Projectile finisher Pistol Fire a shot that bleeds the impacted target and then shatters, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Hip Shot.png Hip Shot Projectile finisher Rifle Deliver a quick rifle shot from the hip that pierces targets.
Throw Shield.png Throw Shield Projectile finisher Shield Throw your charged shield. Dazes foes it hits on the way out and back.