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☘ Mr Sagacity ☘

Human tango icon 200px.png | Engineer tango icon 48px.png
Male.png Human Engineer
Character Details
  • Universal Multi-ToolCharmCommonerDead SisterKormir
  • Aligned: Chaotic Good
  • Sympathy:
... a good Samaritan...

Human tango icon 200px.png | Necromancer tango icon 48px.png
Male.png Human Necromancer
Character Details
  • SkullFerocityStreet RatMissed OpportunityBalthazar
  • Aligned: Neutral Evil
  • Sympathy:
... a vengeful monarch...

Charr tango icon 200px.png | Guardian tango icon 48px.png
Male.png Charr Guardian
Character Details
  • Fanatic's PauldronsDignityAsh LegionDinkySorcerous Shaman
  • Aligned: Lawful Neutral
  • Sympathy: Ogres
... an outcast veteran ...

☠ Oh Yo ☠

Asura tango icon 200px.png | Thief tango icon 48px.png
Male.png Asuran Thief
Character Details
  • DeterminationFerocityDynamicsAn Infinity BallCanni
  • Aligned: Chaotic Neutral
  • Sympathy:
... a dread pirate...

⚘ Éireann ⚘

Sylvari tango icon 200px.png | Mesmer tango icon 48px.png
Female.png Sylvari Mesmer
Character Details
  • Phantasm of SorrowCharmThe White StagAll Things Have A Right To GrowCycle of Dusk
  • Aligned: Neutral
  • Sympathy: Skritt
... a listless nurturer...

❆ Snæ ❆

Norn tango icon 200px.png | Warrior tango icon 48px.png
Female.png Norn Warrior
Character Details
  • No HelmDignityHonor the SpiritsLost an HeirloomBear
  • Aligned: Lawful Good
  • Sympathy: Kodan
... a forlorn chevaleresse...

☁ Gaíle ☁

Human tango icon 200px.png | Elementalist tango icon 48px.png
Female.png Human Elementalist
Character Details
  • FireDignityNobilityUnknown ParentsDwayna
  • Aligned: Neutral Good
  • Sympathy:
... an unassuming guide...

Norn tango icon 200px.png | Ranger tango icon 48px.png
Male.png Norn Ranger
Character Details
  • Pet WolfFerocityDefend the MistsRevengeSnow Leopard Spirit
  • Aligned: Chaotic Evil
  • Sympathy:
... an egotistical sword collector...
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