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About Me

Hi. My name is Yorick. I've been playing Guild Wars I for, hmm... 44 months now. I don't play Guild Wars all that often any more, but that's because I'm part of the Guild Wars II speculating crowd! So this is where I am truly active.

I myself am a non-single straight (Yes, that means I've got a girlfriend!) 19 year old male, born and raised in Limburg, currently living in Maastricht. In Guild Wars itself I enjoy playing mostly physical characters, although I have taken joy in playing the Ritualist. Sadly, I suppose it'll be gone for Guild Wars 2. Other than Guild Wars, I regularly indulge in First-Person Shooters, Role-Playing Games, racing games, hack 'n' slashers etc. (Pretty much everything).

My Guild Wars 2 Speculation[edit]

Professions Called it on 19-5-2010 (actually earlier, but meh, can't remember the date)[edit]

Elementalist --- Confirmed
Necromancer --- Confirmed
Ranger --- Confirmed
Assassin --- Confirmed
Engineer of sorts --- Confirmed (I KNEW IT!)
Warrior --- Confirmed
Cleric/Templar of sorts; Monk + Paragon merge (Guardian) --- Confirmed

Presumable release pattern[edit]

Since Necromancer:

Cleric/Templar of sorts; Monk + Paragon merge
Engineer of sorts

Asura Colleges[edit]

2009 August Rata Sum inview 2.png

It's my belief that the above are the three colleges of the asura. Why, you ask? It is pretty much self-evident that each college has its own (primary) colour by observing the golems and clothes of the asura in both trailers. There are always three colours. Red, blue and yellow. Co-incidentally, the entrances and posts seen above are also either red, blue or yellow. And to top it all off, Zojja is said to be a member of good standing with the college of Synergetics, her clothes are pretty much all blue, and the golems she appears with all have blue nodes.


The three buildings in Rata Sum one can see in the image above are the colleges themselves, the blue (right) college being the college of Synergetics, and the yellow (center) college being either the college of Statics or Dynamics, and the red (left) college also being either the college of Statics or Dynamics. I believe this will be an easy way to see which faction an NPC belongs to, and perhaps may be done for other races as well (not with primary colours surely, but still purely through appearance).