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I can't wikicode to save my life, but I figured I could help by typing out the text to go in there.

Necromancer Non-Weapon Skills[edit]


Summon Blood Fiend.png
 Summon Blood Fiend Minion. Summons a Blood Fiend. Becomes Taste of Death. No target
Taste of Death.png
 Taste of Death Destroys your Blood Fiend, healing self. No target.
Well of Blood.png
 Well of Blood Well. Well gives allies regeneration. All in region.


Blood Is Power.png
 Blood Is Power Gain life force by attacking. Personal.
Summon Bone Fiend.png
 Summon Bone Fiend Minion. Summons a Bone Fiend. Becomes Rigor Mortis. No target.
Rigor Mortis.png
 Rigor Mortis 50s. Immobilizes your Bone Fiend, immobilizes enemies it attacks. No target.
Summon Bone Minions.png
 Summon Bone Minions Minion. Summon 3 Bone Minions. Becomes Putrid Explosion. No target.
Putrid Explosion.png
 Putrid Explosion Explodes a Bone Minion. Foes in area.
Spectral Armor.png
 Ghost Armor Increases armor. Gives life force when hit. Personal.
Corrosive Poison Cloud.png
 Corrosive Poison Cloud 90s. Poison. Foes in area.
Plague Signet.png
 Plague Signet (split row) Passive: Transfer conditions from allies to self. Personal.
Active: Transfer conditions from self to enemy. Single target.


 Plague 720s. Poison (3), Bleed (3), other conditions. Adjacent enemies.

Death Shroud[edit]

Deathly Swarm.png
 Deathly Swarm 1s. Poison. Multiple targets.
 Doom 20s. Fear. Single enemy.
End Death Shroud.png
 End Death Shroud Exit Death Shroud.
Life Transfer.png
 Life Transfer Steal life. Gain life force. Nearby enemies.
Summon Shadow Fiend.png
 Summon Shadow Fiend Minion. Summons a Shadow Fiend. Becomes Haunt. No target.
 Haunt 10s. Teleport Shadow Fiend to target. Single enemy.