Triple Trouble (achievements)

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Triple Trouble is an achievement category in the Bosses section for fighting Amber, Cobalt and Crimson Great Jungle Wurm in Bloodtide Coast.

Triple Trouble.png
Achievement (General)
Total achievements: 12 135 AP.png
This is the meta achievement for this categoryThis achievement rewards a title Triple Trouble Central Tyria mastery point 50 AP.png
Complete 10 great jungle wurm achievements in Bloodtide Coast.
Title: Title icon.png Great Jungle Wurm Slayer
Great Jungle Wurm Achievements Complete: x/10 50 AP.png
Phytotoxin Enthusiast AP.png
Expose yourself to phytotoxins while escorting the Vigil crusader. Frolicked in Phytotoxins before the Great Jungle Wurm Appeared AP.png
Wurm Bait AP.png
Slather yourself in wurm attractant while escorting the Vigil crusader. Smeared on Wurm Attractant before the Great Jungle Wurm Appeared AP.png
Wurm Barf AP.png
Get regurgitated by the amber great jungle wurm. Regurgitated by Amber Great Jungle Wurm AP.png
Wurm Decapitator AP.png
Decapitate 3 heads of the great jungle wurm in Bloodtide Coast. 3 Great Jungle Wurms Decapitated AP.png
Wurm Demolitionist AP.png
Place 5 powder kegs at the base of the cobalt great jungle wurm. 1 Powder Keg Placed AP.png
2 Powder Kegs Placed AP.png
5 Powder Kegs Placed AP.png
Wurm Egg Scrambler 15 AP.png
Kill 1 great jungle wurm egg before the larvae hatch. 1 Great Jungle Wurm Egg Destroyed AP.png
10 Great Jungle Wurm Eggs Destroyed AP.png
30 Great Jungle Wurm Eggs Destroyed 10 AP.png
Wurm Hurdler 10 AP.png
Avoid getting hit by any of the great jungle wurm's spin attacks. Avoided Great Jungle Wurm Spin Attacks 10 AP.png
Wurm Kleptomaniac AP.png
Steal a bottle of rum from the shipwrecked pirate. 1 Bottle of Rum Stolen AP.png
Wurm Phytotoxin Collector AP.png
Collect each of the 3 colored phytotoxins around the crimson great jungle wurm. 3 Phytotoxins Collected AP.png
Wurmslayer 10 AP.png
Defeat each of the great jungle wurm's 3 heads in Bloodtide Coast. Does not have to be done in one run. 3 Great Wurm Heads Defeated 10 AP.png
This achievement rewards a title Wurmicidal Maniac Central Tyria mastery point 15 AP.png
Successfully decapitate the great jungle wurm in Bloodtide Coast and defeat all three of its heads (does not count toward Triple Trouble meta-achievement).
Title: Title icon.png Wurm's Bane
1 Bloodtide Coast Great Jungle Wurms Defeated 15 AP.png