Master Diver

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Master Diver is a achievement, requiring the player to find a Sunken Chests in various parts of Tyria that are opened with an Ornate Rusted Key.


This achievement is repeatable infinitely and does not contribute to a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items.This achievement rewards a title. Master Diver Sunken Treasure Hunter 5Achievement points
Find and open the sunken chests.
Title: Title icon.png Freebooter
Reward:Swim-Speed Infusion.png Swim-Speed Infusion +10 (5)

  • Gendarran Fields Sunken Chest Looted
  • Harathi Hinterlands Sunken Chest Looted
  • Bloodtide Coast Sunken Chest Looted
  • Kessex Hills Sunken Chest Looted
  • Iron Marches Sunken Chest Looted
  • Snowden Drifts Sunken Chest Looted
  • Fostgorge Sound Sunken Chest Looted
  • Lornar's Pass Sunken Chest Looted
  • Timerline Falls Sunken Chest Looted
  • Mount Maelstrom Sunken Chest Looted
10 Sunken Chests Opened 5Achievement points


Map Zone Area Nearest Point of Interest Nearest Waypoint Notes Area Level
Master Diver Gendarran Fields.jpg Gendarran Fields Lake Gendarr Point of interest (map icon).png Mellaggan Shrine Waypoint (map icon).png Oogooth Waypoint North-Northeast from Waypoint. 33
Master Diver Harathi Hinterlands.jpg Harathi Hinterlands Shieldbluff Point Point of interest (map icon).png Koofooloo Waypoint (map icon).png Shieldbluff Waypoint East from Waypoint. 34
Juvenile Shark map (Merchantman's Strait).jpg Bloodtide Coast Merchantman's Strait Point of interest (map icon).png Sullivan's Wake Waypoint (map icon).png Stormbluff Waypoint South east from Waypoint. Located in a wrecked ship NE of Merchantman's Strait midway between Stormbluff Isle waypoint and Remanda Waypoint. You can see the ship's crow's nest sticking out from the water.

Note: there are two chests in this ship; the Sunken Chest is on the seabed under the front of the wreck, while Penzan's Lost Treasure is in the middle of the wreck on a deck along with two other non-interactive chests.
Master Diver Kessex Hills.jpg Kessex Hills Viathan's Arm Point of interest (map icon).png Krait's Larder Waypoint (map icon).png Overlake Haven Waypoint West from Waypoint. 21
Master Diver Iron Marches.jpg Iron Marches Lake Desolann Point of interest (map icon).png Spentlung Depth Waypoint (map icon).png Brandwatch Encampment Waypoint North-Northeast from Waypoint. Above the cave near Spentlung Depth, not inside of it. 57
Master Diver Snowden Drifts.jpg Snowden Drifts Valslake Point of interest (map icon).png Urgulp Waypoint (map icon).png Valslake Waypoint East-Southeast from Waypoint. 21
Master Diver Frostgorge Sound.jpg Frostgorge Sound Grimstone Mol Point of interest (map icon).png Iron Horse Mines Waypoint (map icon).png Slough of Despond Waypoint Southwest from Waypoint. Above the Iron Horse Mines point of interest, not below in the tunnels. 80
Master Diver Lornar's Pass.jpg Lornar's Pass False Lake Point of interest (map icon).png Dwarves' Gloaming Waypoint (map icon).png Guutra's Homestead Waypoint West-Southwest from Waypoint. 38
Master Diver Timberline Falls.jpg Timberline Falls Guilty Tears Point of interest (map icon).png Whispering Falls Waypoint (map icon).png Ogduk Waypoint East-Southeast from Waypoint. 54
Master Diver Mount Maelstrom.jpg Mount Maelstrom Benthic Kelp Beds Point of interest (map icon).png Aquabase Terror Seven Waypoint (map icon).png Old Sledge Site Waypoint Southeast from Waypoint. 69

Interactive map[edit]


  • Players can copy and paste the following list of map locations to visit all chests in a row:
    WPs (ordered in the same order as the achievement list): [&BOIAAAA=] [&BKYAAAA=] [&BKcBAAA=] [&BBMAAAA=] [&BOkBAAA=] [&BMADAAA=] [&BHwCAAA=] [&BJYBAAA=] [&BE0CAAA=] [&BNQCAAA=]
    WPs (ordered to reduce travel costs): [&BNQCAAA=] [&BE0CAAA=] [&BJYBAAA=] [&BKcBAAA=] [&BBMAAAA=] [&BOIAAAA=] [&BKYAAAA=] [&BOkBAAA=] [&BHwCAAA=] [&BMADAAA=]
  • Zone Name Abbreviations w/POIs for those that have done some of the achievement: Mt.Mael[&BI0GAAA=] TmbrLn[&BD0CAAA=] Lornar[&BEwGAAA=] BldTide[&BCwAAAA=] Kessex[&BCMAAAA=] GendFlds[&BAAEAAA=] Harathi[&BKEAAAA=] Snowden[&BJAAAAA=] FrstGrge[&BOcFAAA=] IronMar[&BOEBAAA=]