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Speak from the lectern to lecture against Joko's brainwashing before the instructor arrives

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Speak from the lectern to lecture against Joko's brainwashing before the instructor arrives

Vehtendi Academy
(Domain of Vabbi)
Event type
Event dialogue (map icon).png
Dynamic event
Help the students of Vehtendi Academy
Interactive map

Interactive map

Speak from the lectern to lecture against Joko's brainwashing before the instructor arrives is a level 80 dynamic event that occurs in Vehtendi Academy.


  • Cadet Reeducation
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • The instructor will arrive in: x:xx
  • Bonus: Continuing Education
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Veteran Mordant Crescent Arbiter
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event boss (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670
378 Karma.png 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003
284 Karma.png 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335
189 Karma.png 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Interact with the Lectern and choose the correct option to progress the event bar. After doing that there is a 1 minute cooldown before you can interact with the lectern again. In the meantime a few Awakened will come in and attack you. If the Cadet Reeducation has been completed when the instructor arrives, he'll turn hostile. Defeating him will complete the event. If the Cadet Reeducation is not completed before the instructor arrives, the event will fail and the instructor will still turn hostile.

Possible topics
Regarding Joko's decision to diver the Elon River...
0No A. Joko was drowning Vabbi's enemies to the north.
1Yes B. Joko was depriving Vabbi of water on purpose.
0No C. Joko was averting a flood here in Vabbi.
0No D. Joko was creating farmlands to feed all of Vabbi.
Regarding the departure of the gods from Tyria...
0No A. Joko forced the gods to leave by his will alone.
1Yes B. Joko didn't have anything to do with it.
0No C. Joko fooled the gods into banishing themselves.
0No D. The gods left when they saw Joko's divinity.
Regarding Joko and the Sunspears...
1Yes A. They were a threat to him, so he hunted them down.
0No B. The Sunspears were corrupt and had to go.
0No C. The Sunspears are a myth.
0No D. The Sunspears serve Joko, like everyone else.
Regarding Joko's recent absence...
0No A. Joko is touring the distant corners of his kingdom.
0No B. Joko is taking a well-deserved vacation.
0No C. Joko is still here. He never left.
1Yes D. Joko is trapped in the Realm of Torment.
Regarding Joko's involvement with the death of Mordremoth...
0No A. Joko caused a drought to wither Mordremoth.
0No B. Joko burned the jungle to ashes, killing the dragon.
0No C. Joko conjured locusts to devour Mordremoth.
1Yes D. Joko had nothing to do with it.
Regarding the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik to the east...
0No A. Joko lured the dragon here in order to defeat it.
1Yes B. Joko was helpless to stop the dragon's advance.
0No C. The dragon is actually Joko's pet..
0No D. Joko brought the dragon here to feed on its energy.
Regarding Joko's claim of being a descendant of the Primeval Kings...
0No A. Joko is a direct descendant of King Jahnus.
0No B. Joko actually was one of the Primeval Kings.
0No C. Joko hails from not one, but two distinct dynasties.
1Yes D. Joko's claims are completely baseless.
Regarding Joko's title as the Scourge of Vabbi...
0No A. Joko scoured the land of a scarab infestation.
0No B. Joko has Tyria's largest whip collection.
1Yes C. Joko murdered all the Vabbians who opposed him.
0No D. The title is an insult and a lie.
Regarding Balthazar and the Forged...
0No A. They wish to prove their worth to Joko.
0No B. Joko intends to battle them for sport.
1Yes C. They're here for Kralkatorrik, not Joko.
0No D. King Joko granted them safe passage through Vabbi.






Interacting with the lectern
<Player character>: May I have your attention?
<Player character>: Here's your next lesson.
<Player character>: Listen up, students.
After choosing the correct option from the Lectern dialogue (depending on the reeducation progress)
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: Watch your tongue, deceiver!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: Right and wrong. I just don't know anymore.
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: No more lies! It's time to revolt!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: That rings true!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: The truth matters above all else!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: I'm ready to tear down these walls over this!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: I demand justice for the lies we were told!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: Someone must pay for misguiding us for so long!
House <Ventura/Polic/Ingene> Cadet: For the first time, school actually makes sense!
When a new wave of Awakened enters the room
<Awakened Enemy>: What is this outrageous propaganda! Don't listen, cadets!
<Awakened Enemy>: This isn't right! Cadets, cover your ears!
<Awakened Enemy>: Stop right there! Your lies end now!
<Awakened Enemy>: Someone's spouting lies to the cadets!
<Awakened Enemy>: What are you doing in there?
<Awakened Enemy>: You're not one of our instructors!
<Awakened Enemy>: Intruders! Warping the students' minds!
When the instructor arrives (after successful reeducation) [verification requested]
Veteran Instructor: How dare you corrupt the minds of King Joko's most impressionable subjects!
Veteran Instructor: Children, watch closely!
Veteran Instructor: This is what happens to those who question the irrefutable majesty of Palawa Joko!


  • The dialogues from the player character upon interacting with the lectern are not audible to other players.