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Protect the Priory explorer while he studies the academy's murals

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Protect the Priory explorer while he studies the academy's murals

Interactive map

Interactive map

Protect the Priory explorer while he studies the academy's murals is a level 80 event that occurs in Vehtendi Academy.


  • Explorer Mora
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Revive Explorer Mora before he bleeds out: 2:00
  • Mural: "The Gift of Magic"
  • Event bar empty2.jpgEvent flag green.png
  • Mural: "The Battle of Jahai"
  • Event bar empty2.jpgEvent flag green.png
  • Mural: "Abaddon's Bane"
  • Event bar empty2.jpgEvent flag green.png
  • Mural: "Fall of the Risen"
  • Event bar empty2.jpgEvent flag green.png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.





Event start
Explorer Mora: According to my research, this entire area was once farmlands.
Explorer Mora: But things appear to have changed under Joko's rule.
Explorer Mora: It flies in the face of everything we know about Joko, but he has apparently built a house of learning.
Explorer Mora: This could be the perfect place to uncover Vabbi's recent history. That knowledge is worth any risk Joko's Awakened may pose.
Explorer Mora: Come, Miss Kiki. We're going in. This chance is to good to pass up.
Explorer Mora: This academy is said to take students from all over Elona.
Explorer Mora: I'm not sure of the curriculum, but history classes must be a part of it.
Explorer Mora: Perhaps they'd let me audit a course.
Explorer Mora: At the very least, I'd hope they'd allow me access to their library.
Explorer Mora: Hmm, I don't like the looks of those Awakened at the entrance.
Explorer Mora: Not a very welcoming sight. I may have to improvise here.
Explorer Mora: Follow my lead, Miss Kiki.
Reaching the entrance
Explorer Mora: Greetings, friends! And, um, praise Palawa!
Veteran Awakened Canid: Long may he reign.
Veteran Awakened Canid: Long may he reign.
Veteran Awakened Canid: State your business at Vehtendi Academy.
Explorer Mora: Yes, well, I'm a visiting professor from, uh, Vehteni's sister school...
Explorer Mora: And I've come to view the part of an art history exchange program...
Veteran Awakened Canid: There is no sister school of Vehtendi.
Explorer Mora: What I meant was, I'm an artist, come to, uh...
Veteran Awakened Canid: Staff and students only!
Explorer Mora: The ruse is up, Miss Kiki!
After defeating the Awakened Canids
Explorer Mora: We're certainly in the junundu queen's den now, aren't we?
Explorer Mora: Avoid eye contact. No sudden movements.
Explorer Mora: We'll be in and out before they realize anything is amiss.
Reaching the first mural
Explorer Mora: Oh, look! There actually are murals here to study!
Explorer Mora: Hmm. Am I interpreting this correctly?
Explorer Mora: This seems to depict Palawa Joko bestowing something on mankind.
Explorer Mora: What's the inscription read? "The Gift of Magic"![sic]
Explorer Mora: But magic was a gift from the gods. I don't understand.
Explorer Mora: The implication here is...
At any mural
<Awakened Enemy>: No visitors on school grounds!
<Awakened Enemy>: No hall pass? Die!
<Awakened Enemy>: No outsiders!
<Awakened Enemy>: Not welcome here!
<Awakened Enemy>: No visitors!
<Awakened Enemy>: You can't be here!
After studying any mural if Explorer Mora is low on health
Explorer Mora: I'll just need a moment.
Explorer Mora: Let me study this a few more moments.
Reaching the second mural
Explorer Mora: Let's have a look at another mural.
Explorer Mora: Ah, now this is a more familiar tale. "The Battle of Jahai."
Explorer Mora: Hold on a... This mural shows Joko killing Turai Ossa!
Explorer Mora: Nonsense. Joko was defeated and imprisoned.
Explorer Mora: These people are rewriting history! Outrageous!
Explorer Mora: And these poor students are none the wiser.
Explorer Mora: Is there even a shred of truth depicted here?
At the third mural
Explorer Mora: This has been...educational. Let's move on.
Explorer Mora: I'm almost afraid to see what lies this mural depicts.
Explorer Mora: Oh, my. Is this Palawa Joko defeating Abaddon?
Explorer Mora: And absorbing his power in place of Kormir?
Explorer Mora: The that a god?
Explorer Mora: This explains why people here worship him so fanatically.
Explorer Mora: This school is feeding them so much misinformation!
At the last mural
Explorer Mora: Very well. Let's be done with this. I see one more.
Explorer Mora: I should've known. I'd laugh if it weren't so disturbing.
Explorer Mora: Here the great Palawa Joko defeats Zhaitan itself. Of course.
Explorer Mora: Single-handedly, no less. Though some say that of you, Commander.
Explorer Mora: And we all know what it took to bring that monster down.
Explorer Mora: To think Joko's people would be gullible enough to believe any of this!
Explorer Mora: I suppose they couldn't fathom another with dominance over the Awakened.
After studying the last mural
Explorer Mora: There. Let's be done with this madness.
Explorer Mora: "Place of learning," I called it. Pah!
At the exit
Veteran Awakened Canid: There they are! Don't let them escape!
After defeating the Awakened Canids at the exit
Explorer Mora: This was a most disappointing experience.
Explorer Mora: But I thank you for your help.
Explorer Mora: Now I suppose I must search elsewhere for answers.
Shortly after the event as Explorer Mora passes the Great Palawa Joko Monument
Explorer Mora: What's this? A statue dedicated to Joko?
Explorer Mora: Why am I not surprised?
Explorer Mora: Come along, Miss Kiki. Let's get out of here before I lose my mind.