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You can't hit what you can't see. Shadowmancer

The shadowmancer is a spell casting, scholar profession which is able to effectively prevent damage to itself by becoming invisible and invincible while at the same time dealing out considerable damage.


Shadowmancers possess Shadow Form, an ability unique to their profession which causes spells cast upon them to fail, and reduces all physical damage by 20% plus an additional 20% for every three levels. Therefore, by level 13, the shadowmancer is effectively immune to damage. This ability comes with a price however. Because this ability makes most of PvE rather easy, a shadowmancer only receives a small portion of experience from all sources.


See list of shadowmancer skills.

Special spell types[edit]

  • Splinter Armor - Splinter armor is a boon exclusive to the shadowmancer that deals damage to all foes who attempt to damage the shadowmancer.
  • Shadows - Through use of summoning shadows, the shadowmancer is able to control a small army of minion-like creatures.
  • Terramagic - Through use of terramagic, a shadowmancer receives unparalled AoE abilities should foes attempt to hit them with melee.


Shadowmancers possess two profession-specific trait lines: Shadow Magic and Invulnerability.



The shadowmancer is a scholar profession and thus wears light armor.


  • Two-handed
    • Staff - Focuses on slow, long ranged spells.
  • Main-hand
  • Off-hand
    • Dagger - Grants spells that restore health, while able to release persistent area of effect spells.
    • Shield - Allows for even greater survivability.

There are 5 possible weapon sets available for this profession. The shadowmancer can alternate between up to 4 weapon sets during combat.

Personal story[edit]

During character creation, shadowmancer characters must answer which mask they prefer to wear when farming.