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Dialogue for Rytlock Brimstone from past Living World releases can be found here.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

During The Origins of Madness[edit]

At Mournful Depths
Rytlock: Twistgear! What do you make of this one?
Junia Twistgear: Sir, it's similar in design to the others we've seen set up all over Tyria.
Rytlock: (sigh) Yes. I can see that, soldier. What I want to know is what it's for.
Junia Twistgear: And why there are more of them here, suddenly.
Junia Twistgear: Of course, Tribune.
Rytlock: These belong to that Scarlet character, don't they? The one that spoiled the Queen's Jubilee not long ago?
Junia Twistgear: It does remind me of the portals she's been using to launch her random invasions all over Tyria.
Rytlock: Scarlet stole the queen's toy soldiers and holed up in the new pavilion for weeks. Logan's Seraph were helpless to stop her.
Rytlock: She was behind that Flame-mole business, that sky pirate attack on Dragon Bash, and that nightmare tower in Kessex.
Rytlock: Seems like every intelligence report that crosses my desk lately has something to do with that lunatic sylvari.
Rytlock: What if it's not random? Each time she turns up, she's less of a nuisance and more of a threat.
Junia Twistgear: Tribune, its defenses are still active, and still very formidable.
Rytlock: So I see. (grumble) Just learn what you can at a safe distance.
Rytlock: Maybe we'll have better luck with another one.
Rytlock: Anything for me yet?
Junia Twistgear: I have some ideas, Tribune, but I need to see the others and compare what we're seeing here.
Rytlock: Fine, but in the meantime, I didn't drag you here to keep your thoughts to yourself.
Junia Twistgear: It reminds me of a seismic probe, for finding underground resources with vibrations.
Junia Twistgear: These probes weren't designed to find something physical, though.
Junia Twistgear: If these are Scarlet's, she's using them all over Tyria to look for something magical. Something big.
Rytlock: (growl) Well done, Twistgear. Let's have a look at those other new...probes.
At Challdar Gorges
Rytlock: All right, Twistgear, what can you tell me about this device?
Junia Twistgear: It looks to be nearly identical to the others we've investigated, Tribune.
Rytlock: What does it mean, that there are more of them turning up here?
Junia Twistgear: Hard to be certain yet, sir.
Rytlock: (growl) Yes, well, get to it.
Rytlock: Would you guess this device is Scarlet's handiwork?
Junia Twistgear: I...wouldn't want to guess one way or the other before we're finished here, Tribune.
Rytlock: (growl) Scorch it, I'm just asking you to confirm the obvious, Twistgear.
Junia Twistgear: Yes, sir. It does seem similar to the machinery Scarlet Briar's been using to launch invasions all over Tyria.
Junia Twistgear: On the other hand, if this device is hers, it seems to have another purpose.
Rytlock: Twistgear, can you please remind your people to quit touching this thing?
Junia Twistgear: Yes, sir. Of course.
Junia Twistgear: You lot heard the tribune! Let's examine the device at a respectable distance.
Rytlock: All right. You've been at this awhile now. What have you learned here?
Junia Twistgear: Sir, the more of these devices I see in action, the more sure I am that they are a kind of probe, designed to locate...something.
Rytlock: (growl) What sort of something is that insane sylvari probing for?
Junia Twistgear: Whatever she's after is big, sir. And magical.
Rytlock: I'm not sure I like where this is leading. Let's go look at the other new probes she's set up around the area.
At Whisperwill Bogs
Rytlock: Here we are—yet another of these new devices.
Rytlock: Have a look and tell me as soon as you have any ideas.
Junia Twistgear: Of course, Tribune. We're on it.
Junia Twistgear: Tribune, it looks as if all of these devices can defend themselves.
Rytlock: It does at that. Back your people away from it and learn at a safe distance.
Rytlock: So, you agree by now that these were built by Scarlet?
Junia Twistgear: That's right, sir. The devices have all her signature touches.
Junia Twistgear: We could learn a lot from these probes if we could get close enough to take one apart.
Rytlock: (growl) You almost sound as if you admire her handiwork, Twistgear.
Junia Twistgear: Scarlet Briar may be insane, but her designs are high quality.
Rytlock: Your candor is refreshing, even if I don't like the implications of your findings much.
Rytlock: Report, Twistgear. Let's hear what you've learned.
Junia Twistgear: These are magical probes of some kind, Tribune. I'm sure of it.
Junia Twistgear: There are three new probes in this area, which tells me that Scarlet may have found something important here.
Junia Twistgear: I believe she's triangulating, trying to zero in on the location of something magical. Something huge.
Rytlock: Whatever that something is, I have a feeling we don't want her to find it. Tell your people we're moving out again.