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Recipe: Red Lentil Saobosa

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Recipe: Red Lentil Saobosa

Item type
Recipe sheet
400  Chef tango icon 20px.png
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
Recipe Unlock: Double-click to unlock the Chef recipe for Red Lentil Saobosa.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Director Abioye Bayu Director Abioye Bayu Garden of Seborhin Domain of Vabbi 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma
Fallen Awakened Soldier Fallen Awakened Soldier The Foundry Domain of Vabbi 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma
Follower Dawnwynn Follower Dawnwynn Augury Rock Elon Riverlands 10 Trade contract + 1,400 Karma
Follower Xunn Follower Xunn Skyward Reach Elon Riverlands 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma
Heroics Notary Heroics Notary  
Eternal Battlegrounds
Blue Alpine Borderlands
Green Alpine Borderlands
Obsidian Sanctum (zone)
Edge of the Mists
Red Desert Borderlands
Armistice Bastion
75 Testimony of Jade Heroics + 20 Silver coin Requires Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.
Keeper Pamir Keeper Pamir The Ruination The Desolation 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma
Mayor Kabir Mayor Kabir Destiny's Gorge Crystal Oasis 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma
Stablemaster Unja Stablemaster Unja Stampede Uplands Desert Highlands 10 Trade contract + 1,400 Karma
Supreme Training Specialist Tozan Supreme Training Specialist Tozan The Necropolis Domain of Vabbi 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma
Tariq Ayim Tariq Ayim The Bonestrand The Desolation 10 Trade Contract + 1,400 Karma

Contained in[edit]

Teaches recipe[edit]