Phantasm weapons

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Phantasm weapons

Phantasm weapons are an unofficially named set of similar looking named weapons. They all have a violet ethereal appearance. Certain phantasms summoned by mesmers can be seen wielding these weapons as well.


Hand Weapon Type Power Related mesmer skill
Main Hand Reaver of the Mists.png Reaver of the Mists Axe 857 – 1,048 Phantasmal Warden.png Phantasmal Warden
Lyssa's Gaze.png Ilya Pistol 876 – 1,029 Phantasmal Duelist.png Phantasmal Duelist
Lyssa's Gaze.png Lyss Pistol 876 – 1,029 Phantasmal Duelist.png Phantasmal Duelist
Abyssal Scepter.png Abyssal Scepter Scepter 895 – 1,010 Phantasmal Disenchanter.png Phantasmal Disenchanter
Phantasmal Warlock.png Phantasmal Warlock
Whisperblade.png Whisperblade Sword 905 – 1,000 Phantasmal Swordsman.png Phantasmal Swordsman
Off hand Spirit Links.png Spirit Links Focus 832 – 883
Crystal Core.png The Anomaly Focus 832 – 883
Wall of the Mists.png Wall of the Mists Shield 806 – 909 Phantasmal Defender.png Phantasmal Defender
Terrestrial Vision of the Mists.png Vision of the Mists Greatsword 995 – 1,100 Phantasmal Berserker.png Phantasmal Berserker
Aquatic Urchin's Needles.png Urchin's Needles Harpoon gun 905 – 1,000 Phantasmal Whaler.png Phantasmal Whaler
Ignus Fatuus.png Ignus Fatuus Spear 905 – 1,000 Phantasmal Mariner.png Phantasmal Mariner
Illusion (spear).png Illusion Spear 905 – 1,000
Mirage (weapon).png Mirage Trident 905 – 1,000



Most weapons need an  Eldritch Scroll.png Eldritch Scroll and 250  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Globs of Ectoplasm to be crafted in the Mystic Forge. The only exception is the Wall of the Mists which uses 30 Giant Eyes instead of Ectoplasm.

Item Rarity Ingredients
Reaver of the Mists.png Reaver of the Mists Exotic
Lyssa's Gaze.png Ilya Exotic
Lyssa's Gaze.png Lyss Exotic
Abyssal Scepter.png Abyssal Scepter Exotic
Whisperblade.png Whisperblade Exotic
Spirit Links.png Spirit Links Exotic
Crystal Core.png The Anomaly Exotic
Wall of the Mists.png Wall of the Mists Exotic
Vision of the Mists.png Vision of the Mists Exotic
Ignus Fatuus.png Ignus Fatuus Exotic
Illusion (spear).png Illusion Exotic

Mirage (weapon).png Mirage Exotic

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