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Page of Spearmarshal Glove Recipes

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Page of Spearmarshal Glove Recipes

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Double-click to pick a recipe for Spearmarshal Gloves. Can be learned by armorsmiths, leatherworkers, and tailors.

Purchase these recipes from renown merchants in Elona after learning the base recipes from the story.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Adisa Adisa Ustulate Barrens Elon Riverlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Aksim Aksim The Sinking Ruins Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Assistant Foreman Kofi Assistant Foreman Kofi Arid Gladefields Elon Riverlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Ebele Ebele Arid Gladefields Elon Riverlands 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Follower Dawnwynn Follower Dawnwynn Augury Rock Elon Riverlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Follower Xunn Follower Xunn Skyward Reach Elon Riverlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Groffmok Groffmok Auburn Hills Desert Highlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Mayor Kabir Mayor Kabir Destiny's Gorge Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png Requires Elonian armor.
Mehmet Mehmet Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Melilla Melilla Stampede Uplands Desert Highlands 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Priest Hakim Priest Hakim Elona Reach Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Priestess Karima Priestess Karima Amnoon Farms Crystal Oasis 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Skimmer Trainer Ardra Skimmer Trainer Ardra Skimmer Ranch Elon Riverlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Stablemaster Unja Stablemaster Unja Stampede Uplands Desert Highlands 4,081 Karma.png + 50 Trade Contract.png
Tendaji Tendaji Diviner's Reach Desert Highlands 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png
Veteran Choya Chief Veteran Choya Chief Brightwater Inlet Desert Highlands 50 Trade Contract.png + 4,081 Karma.png



  • The Spearmarshal armor recipes will only be available for purchase if you have unlocked one of the associated Elonian armor skins.