Pact Fleet weapon skins

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Pact Fleet weapon skins are a set of weapon skins introduced with the Tangled Paths release.


Weapon skins[edit]

Skin Type Link
Main hand
Pact Fleet Axe.png Pact Fleet Axe Axe
Pact Fleet Dagger.png Pact Fleet Dagger Dagger
Pact Fleet Mace.png Pact Fleet Mace Mace
Pact Fleet Pistol.png Pact Fleet Pistol Pistol
Pact Fleet Scepter.png Pact Fleet Scepter Scepter
Pact Fleet Sword.png Pact Fleet Sword Sword
Off hand
Pact Fleet Focus.png Pact Fleet Focus Focus
Pact Fleet Shield.png Pact Fleet Shield Shield
Pact Fleet Torch.png Pact Fleet Torch Torch
Pact Fleet Warhorn.png Pact Fleet Warhorn Warhorn
Pact Fleet Greatsword.png Pact Fleet Greatsword Greatsword
Pact Fleet Hammer.png Pact Fleet Hammer Hammer
Pact Fleet Longbow.png Pact Fleet Longbow Longbow
Pact Fleet Rifle.png Pact Fleet Rifle Rifle
Pact Fleet Short Bow.png Pact Fleet Short Bow Short bow
Pact Fleet Staff.png Pact Fleet Staff Staff