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Recruit Meyya

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Recruit Meyya is a member of the Order of Shadows stationed in the Chantry of Shadows.


Crystal Desert


Is it true that Balthazar has returned? The actual, real Balthazar? Human god Balthazar?
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It's true.
Wow. It's hard to believe. My parents will be happy, though. Oh, but they don't worship Balthazar, of course. They worship Kormir.
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I don't see how that would make them happy.
Well, if one god has come back, why not another? I never bought into their old-timey beliefs, but maybe now I should start reconsidering.
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Doesn't Joko exile or kill anyone who worships the old gods?
Yes, sadly. In our village up north, Purity, quite a few people still practice the old ways, but they have to keep it secret. I figure you won't tell anyone.
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Of course not.
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I'll leave you to ponder it.
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Let's pick this up later.
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I'm not sure.