Obsidian weapons

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Obsidian weapons are a level 80 FExotic WvW and sPvP exclusive weapons.



Item Type Chat link
Main hand
Obsidian Axe.png Obsidian Axe Axe
Obsidian Dagger.png Obsidian Dagger Dagger
Obsidian Mace.png Obsidian Mace Mace
Obsidian Pistol.png Obsidian Pistol Pistol
Obsidian Scepter.png Obsidian Scepter Scepter
Obsidian Sword.png Obsidian Sword Sword
Off hand
Obsidian Focus.png Obsidian Focus Focus
Obsidian Warhorn.png Obsidian Warhorn Warhorn
Obsidian Torch.png Obsidian Torch Torch
Obsidian Shield.png Obsidian Shield Shield
Obsidian Greatsword.png Obsidian Greatsword Greatsword
Obsidian Hammer.png Obsidian Hammer Hammer
Obsidian Longbow.png Obsidian Longbow Longbow
Obsidian Rifle.png Obsidian Rifle Rifle
Obsidian Short Bow.png Obsidian Short Bow Short bow
Obsidian Staff.png Obsidian Staff Staff


Slumbering Obsidian weapons[edit]


  • The weapons change effects and some detailing based on what World versus World team you are on, either Red, Blue or Green.
  • Unlocking one Obsidian weapon skin automatically unlocks the corresponding Slumbering Obsidian weapon skin, which is just the plain weapon without any details about the World versus World team.
  • The first 4 weapons (dagger, shield, staff, torch) were introduced in the December 12, 2017 game update.
  • Additional 4 weapons (mace, pistol, scepter, sword) were introduced in the March 27, 2018 game update, with the older ones receiving updated visuals.
  • Additional 4 weapons (hammer, longbow, focus and greatsword) were introduced in the June 05, 2018 game update.
  • The last 4 missing weapons (axe, rifle, short bow, warhorn) were introduced in the August 28, 2018 game update.

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