Luminous weapon skins

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Luminous weapon skins were introduced in August 2017 for Guild Wars 2's 5th anniversary. They are obtained through Anniversary Weapon Pack via the Anniversary Backpack and Weapon Pack Combo in the anniversary mail sent to the first character reaching the 5 years mark on the account

It is also contained in the Anniversary Weapon Pack obtained from the sixth birthday Devoted Anniversary Achievement Box.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Luminous Labrys.png Luminous Labrys Axe
Luminous Dirk.png Luminous Dirk Dagger
Luminous Flange.png Luminous Flange Mace
Luminous Shot.png Luminous Shot Pistol
Luminous Virge.png Luminous Virge Scepter
Luminous Saber.png Luminous Saber Sword
Off hand
Luminous Curio.png Luminous Curio Focus
Luminous Ward.png Luminous Ward Shield
Luminous Vigil.png Luminous Vigil Torch
Luminous Trumpet.png Luminous Trumpet Warhorn
Luminous Claymore.png Luminous Claymore Greatsword
Luminous Brunt.png Luminous Brunt Hammer
Luminous Arc.png Luminous Arc Longbow
Luminous Caliber.png Luminous Caliber Rifle
Luminous Repeater.png Luminous Repeater Short bow
Luminous Pillar.png Luminous Pillar Staff



  • All Luminous weapons have a damage type of Fire.
  • When wielded, all of the weapons gain a slight light effect.