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United States
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Tarnished Coast (US)
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The Eternal
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Forever a work in progress.

Overhead infinite heart completed.png I am Doodleplex.... the Great and - Whoopsie, wrong greeting! Hi, I'm Doodle! Pay no attention to that lady behind the curtain... >_>

— Doodleplex

I'm Doodleplex or Doodle, a sysop and/or wiki faeire here on both this and the Spanish Guild Wars 2 wiki(and no that doesn't mean I'm an Anet Staffer...or at least, not yet). I can usually be found on my asura Lily Bright running around looking for trees in Guild Wars 2, and have done so since around August 31st, 2015(or 6 years and 48 days/2 days after the game when F2P, that's how I started). I wanted to be a Prima Games guide writer but that never happened, so I live out my dreams vicariously through the wiki. Kinda sorta.

I can usually be found removing boobies from weapon picturesfixing images and/or taking shiny new pictures), fixing broken links, signing the unsigned, hunting down historical content or fixing really badly formatted pages as well as hunting for Thin Mint cookies. They must be eaten...erm destroyed! So please, mail all your girl scout Thin Mint cookies to... >_>

Possible Facts

  • Contrary to popular belief, horses > cats
  • Its versus it's/it is will probably always confuse me, much to Vent's dismay.
  • That this picure of a quaggan is lolzy and this picture is the worst, but because it is terrible, it looks like a Skritt is playing a banjo. And that's awesome.
  • 5 is the only okay odd number.
  • My cats are not graceful creatures and may cause unexpected typos lol...
Wiki related
  • Plan to do one wiki related thing, always results in getting sidetracked to do something else. Best to not make plans.
  • If I don't know, get Alex
  • Mass deletions usually result in "How many links are broken now..."
  • People should learn what a Null Edit is.
  • Checking wiki edits + launch day = spoilers. Additionally Recent Change log + launch day = spoilers.
  • Apparently spell check thinks "dwarves" isn't a real word and wants to replace it with "adwares". Okay.
  • Cali is Batgirl.
  • "It can wait until the morning. Go to bed."
Game related
Handy links

*clickity clickity clickity* Relyk is Doodle's favorite(She can neither confirm or deny this)