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Hi! feel free to start a discussion page and dump a bunch of random NPCs that need to get skills stolen from them and I'll eventually get around to them. I enjoy editing mechanical stuff, so I will touch lore with a 10 foot pole.

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To Do[edit]

Skill data
  1. Vilnia Shadowsong - need non-HP completed thief
  2. CM mobs - pain and suffering :D
  3. Vevina - get dungeon group who doesn't mind waiting
  4. White Mantle Necromancer - farm
  5. Adam Solstrum - One Path Ends
  6. Champion Axemaster Gwyllion - join Nobles group on t4
  7. Veteran Air Djinn - PoF
Dialogue data
  1. Talaith - wait for event
  2. Adam Solstrum - LS3 One Path Ends
Lag Fest - Image updates
  1. Guild Chat - Episode 96

Spirit Shards[edit]

From WvW