New Year Vendor

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New Year Vendor


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The New Year Vendor with a [Prizes] tag is a Festival Merchant offering Lunar New Year festival goods in The Crown Pavilion.



Items offered[edit]

Item Cost
Lucky Red Bag.png Lucky Red Bag Essence of Luck (exotic).png
Mini Essence of Luck.png Mini Essence of Luck 88 Gold coin 88 Silver coin + 250 Essence of Luck (exotic).png
Fireworks Spaulders.png Fireworks Spaulders Gold coin + Essence of Luck (legendary).png
Lunar-Enchanted Glove Box.png Lunar-Enchanted Glove Box Gold coin + Essence of Luck (legendary).png
Mini Lunar Rat.png Mini Lunar Rat Gold coin 88 Silver coin
Mini Lunar "Horse".png Mini Lunar "Horse" Gold coin 88 Silver coin
Mini Lunar Tiger.png Mini Lunar Tiger Gold coin 88 Silver coin
Plush Mordy.png Plush Mordy 88 Gold coin 88 Silver coin + 88 Essence of Luck (exotic).png
Memory of the Zodiac.png Memory of the Zodiac Gold coin 88 Silver coin
Recipe sheet superior rune.png Recipe: Rune of Fireworks Gold coin 88 Silver coin
Recipe sheet masterwork food.png Recipe: Longevity Noodles 88 Silver coin + Essence of Luck (exotic).png


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