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Table format[edit]

Activate Jump JetsSiege Turtle
Ascend (Jade Bot)Jade Bot
Bane of Joko
Blink (Jackal)Jackal
Bombard (skill)Mortar (environmental weapon)
Boost (Roller Beetle)Roller Beetle
Build (Hammer)Box of Repair Hammers
Channel (story skill)
Confused Clone
Core SweepJade Core Extraction Kit
Dash (Skyscale)Skyscale
Dash (Warclaw)Warclaw
Decrease Gravity (Jade Bot)Jade Bot Dispenser
Descend (Jade Bot)Jade Bot
Dive (Skimmer)Skimmer
Douse Flames
DriftRoller Beetle
Drop Block of JadeBlock of Jade
Equip Flute
Fast BreakBasket Brawl
Full Throttle (Skiff skill)Skiff
Haze Heart Break
Haze Rupture
Heavy Shot
Hover HighSkimmer
Increase Gravity (Jade Bot)Jade Bot Dispenser
Jade Bot: Personal Waypoint
Jump (Basket Brawl)Basket Brawl
Kick (special action)The Hero of Istan
Kryptis Corruption (skill)
Laugh (Motion Controls)Motion Controls
Launch (turret)Hylek Fire Turret
Lay MineBarrel of Mines
Leap (Raptor)Raptor
Liquid AttunementJade Core Extraction Kit
Moderate ClipSkiff
PassBasket Brawl
Plant Jade Tech
Plasma AttunementJade Core Extraction Kit
Reel In LeftFishing
Reel In RightFishing
Remove Fire Armor
Remove Lightning Armor
Remove Water Armor
Removes Rock Armor
Rend Corruption (Mabon's Fate)
Ride Bloodstone Ascender
Roar of Applause
Rocket Jump (Springer)Springer
Scan for Rift
Screen (Basket Brawl)Basket Brawl
Seethe (special action)The Hero of Istan
Shoot (Basket Brawl)Basket Brawl
Shot BlockBasket Brawl
ShowPole Hook
Branch (object)
Mixed Berries
Dirty Rags
ShrugMotion Controls
Signal Mortar (Golem Battle Suit Prototype)Golem Battle Suit Prototype
Skyscale (mastery skill)
Slithering Rime
Slow CruiseSkiff
Smash (Elixir Bottle)Elixir Bottle
Solid AttunementJade Core Extraction Kit
Soul Release
Start Fishing
Static Discharge (jade bot)
Steal (Basket Brawl)Basket Brawl
Stop Riding (Bloodstone Ascender)
Stow Flute
Strike (Cattle Prod)Cattle Prod
Strike (Crowbar)Crowbar
Struggle to Escape (Dragon's End)
Stunning Strike (Crowbar)Crowbar
Summon Skiff
SurprisedMotion Controls
Throw (Keg of Ale)Keg of Ale
Throw ElbowsBasket Brawl
Throw EssenceRaw Essence of Unity
Throw FoodPot of Soup
Toggle Jade Core Extraction Kit
Turbo BoostSkiff
Unnatural Carapace
Wall JumpSkyscale
Wave (Motion Controls)Motion Controls
Weaken Horns
Wraith GraspCostume Brawl
YesMotion Controls

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