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Container are a type of item. While similar to consumables in that they can be double-clicked and are then "consumed," instead of granting an intangible effect to the character, containers produce one or more items in the character's inventory. Some containers produce only one item, some produce a fixed set of items, and most produce a random assortment from a standard list of possible items. For example, cooking materials "in bulk" always contain 25 of the named ingredient.

For a list of all containers, see Category:Containers.


[edit] Container nomenclature

Most containers that are dropped as loot contain crafting materials, and as such, can be organized based on the tier of material they contain.

[edit] Size prefixes

Prefix Tier
Tiny 1
Small 2
Light 3
Medium 4
Large 5
Heavy 5 and some 6

[edit] Hidden container

Hidden packages drop gemstones as follows:

Suffix Tier
Stash 2
Cache 3
Hoard 4
Trove 5
Treasure 6

[edit] Crafting material containers by tier

[edit] Tier 1

[edit] Tier 1-2

[edit] Tier 2

[edit] Tier 3

[edit] Tier 4

[edit] Tier 4-5

[edit] Tier 5-6

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Unknown

These containers exist in the game but no research has been done yet

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