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Daily is an achievement category earned by doing a set of simple tasks. Every day a new set of twelve achievements is generated from the possible tasks list; additionally, one or more special daily meta-achievements will be generated depending on the active Living Story. Completing three of these tracks rewards the character with 10 AP. Each achievement completed will also give a specific reward in a chest popping up in the lower right corner.

There is a cap of 10,000Arenanet Points.png for daily achievements. Once the cap is reached, points from achievements in this category will no longer increase the account's achievement points, but all other rewards will still function normally.

Daily Achievement.png


There are a total of twelve daily tasks available each day composed of various objectives. You must complete at least three daily achievements to complete the daily and receive the bonus reward. To keep track of the dailies you want to complete, you can use the watch list functionality of the achievements panel. Each daily achievement grants a specific reward but gives 0 AP, but completing the Daily Completionist (3 achievements) grants 10 AP.

The twelve daily achievements are split into four PvP achievements, four WvW achievements, and four PvE achievements. They rotate on a fixed cycle.

Thursday, 18 December 2014
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Name Objective Description
Daily Events 0/5 Events Complete events.
Daily Kills 0/50 Kills Kill 50 enemies.
Daily Gatherer 0/20 Gatherings Gathering raw materials.
Recycler 0/10 Items Salvaged Break down items using a salvage kit.
Leveler 0/1 Levels Gained Gain a level.
Daily Reviver 0/10 Allies Revived Revive a downed or defeated NPC or player.
Daily Dodger 0/15 Attacks Dodged You successfully evaded incoming attacks.
Shiverpeaks Killer 0/40 Kills in the Shiverpeaks ''Kill foes in the following Shiverpeak Mountains maps: Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar's Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Timberline Falls, and Frostgorge Sound.
Daily WvW Invasion Defender 0/10 Enemy Invaders Killed You took down an enemy in the Mists.
Daily WvW Land Claimer 0/5 Sentries Captured Claim land for your world in the Mists.
PvP Daily Matches Played 0/3 Matches Played Complete any PvP match.
PvP Daily Player Kills 0/5 Player Kills Kill, or help kill, an enemy player in a PvP match.

For the full schedule of daily achievements over the next 30 days, see here.

List of possible daily achievements[edit]

Daily achievement Objective Description Notes
PvE Daily Achievements
Daily Queensdale Event Completer 0/4 Events Complete events in Queensdale in Kryta. Using the Content Guide may help finding events once you are in Queensdale.
Daily Mystic Forger 0/1 use of the Mystic Forge Use the Mystic Forge in the Mystic Plaza in Lion's Arch to crate new items. Also works with mystic forges in Havoc's Heir and Royal Terrace.
Daily Great Jungle Wurm 0/1 Great Jungle Wurm kill Defeat the Great Jungle Wurm in Wychmire Swamp of Caledon Forest. See World boss for spawn times.
Daily Maguuma Jungle Forager 0/4 plants gathered Gather raw materials by foraging plants in the following Maguuma Jungle maps : Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen and Mount Maelstrom.
PvP Daily Achievements
Daily PvP Defender 0/1 objectives Help defend a point in a PvP match.
Daily PvP Capture 0/1 objectives Help capture a point in a PvP match.
Daily Thief Winner 0/1 matche won Win 1 PvP match as a thief.
Daily Engineer Winner 0/1 matche won Win 1 PvP match as an engineer.
WvW Daily Achievements
Daily Master of Ruins 0/1 ruins captured Capture 1 ruin in any of the WvW Borderlands
Daily WvW Camp Capturer 0/2 camps captured Capture supply camps for your realm in World versus World.
Daily WvW Keep Capturer 0/1 keep captured Capture a keep for your realm in World vs. World.
Daily WvW Land Claimer 0/1 land claimed Claim land for your realm in World versus World.


Completing individual Daily achievements awards:

  • 5% experience toward next level
  • 1 Arenanet Points.png

Completing 5 Daily achievements will make a chest appear on the right-hand side of the screen. This chest can only be opened by the character who completed the fifth achievement, and it contains:

Base coin rewarded, based on completing character level:

Level 1-3 4–10 11–20 21–30 31–40 41–50 51–60 61–70 71–80
Coin 50 Copper coin Silver coin Silver coin 75 Copper coin Silver coin 25 Copper coin Silver coin Silver coin 50 Copper coin Silver coin Silver coin 75 Copper coin Silver coin

Bonus reward[edit]

There is a chance of getting an additional Gem Store item and a small amount of extra coin. You may get one of the following rewards:

0No No extra item - 73.3%
Transmutation Charge (item).png Transmutation Charge - 5.6%
Trading Post Express.png Trading Post Express - 4.0%
Merchant Express.png Merchant Express - 3.8%
Bank Access Express.png Bank Access Express - 3.3%
Instant Repair Canister.png Instant Repair Canister - 3.3%
Black Lion Salvage Kit.png Black Lion Salvage Kit - 3.2%
Mystic Forge Stone.png Mystic Forge Stone - 2.9%
Black Lion Chest Key.png Black Lion Chest Key - 0.3%
Revive Orb.png Revive Orb - 0.2%
Box of Fun.png Box o' Fun - 0.1%
- this data is based on the total recorded occurences of the now defunct Transmutation Stone and Transmutation Crystal.

Bonus coin rewarded, based on completing character level: (this occurs when the above items are received)

Level 2–10 11–20 21–30 31–40 41–50 51–60 61–70 71–80
Bonus coin Copper coin15 Copper coin 18 Copper coin-25 Copper coin 23 Copper coin32 Copper coin  ?-?  ?-? 38 Copper coin38 Copper coin 40 Copper coin43 Copper coin 50 Copper coin80 Copper coin


  • Drop rate research can be found here.
  • Progress is reset each day at midnight, 00:00 UTC.
  • Like all other achievements, daily achievements are tied to the account, which means that one character can do most of the work, but another can complete the achievement for the reward.
  • The reward chest is displayed as a pop-up in the lower-right corner of the screen; it does not need to be opened immediately and will persist through logout. However, you can only claim it on the character who earned the reward.
Daily achievements do not progress in personal story instances.