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Daily is an achievement category that rewards players for performing specific daily tasks. Every day, a new set of twelve achievements is generated: four PvE-related achievements, four PvP-related achievements, and four WvW-related achievements. Each achievement rewards a specific bonus chest that contains rewards related to the activity that was necessary to complete the achievement. In addition, a meta achievement "Daily Completionist" rewards completing at least three of the twelve available achievements with 10 Arenanet Points.png.

The daily achievements are advertised in a special window after receiving the daily login rewards. In addition, the upper-right corner of the interface will show achievements from the Daily category as long as the meta achievement has not been completed, unless other achievements are added to the achievement watch list.

There is a cap of 15,000 Arenanet Points.png for daily achievements. Once the cap is reached, additional points from the "Daily Completionist" meta achievement will no longer increase the account's achievement points, but individual reward bonus chests will still be given out. In a future release Daily and Monthly Achievement Points will be merged by adding monthly points to the daily amount. [1].


The achievements that are available each day are selected from a large pool of potential achievements, and appear on a fixed monthly cycle. Daily Completionist is available every day.

Daily Achievement.png
Daily achievements
Total achievements: 92 10 Arenanet Points.png
This is the meta achievement for this category Daily Completionist 10 Arenanet Points.png
Complete any 3 PvE, WvW, or PvP Daily Achievements. 3/3 Daily PvE, WvW, and PvP Achievements Completed 10 Arenanet Points.png

Today's achievements[edit]

The achievements available today (Wednesday, 27 May 2015) are shown below. If the date does not match the current UTC date, click here to purge the wiki's cache of this page. Twelve achievements are available for accounts with a max level character, a lower amount of achievements are available for accounts with non-maxed characters.

Notice Note: The wiki's automatically updating list of dailies has been temporarily taken down while research into the new cycle, introduced with the 19 May 2015 update, is ongoing. For the time being, please refer in-game for a list of today's dailies, or see Daily/Research.

List of possible daily achievements[edit]

Primary article: Daily achievements

The current achievements are selected from a number of various available daily achievements which can be found here. The achievements can be categorized into a few types which are explained below.

PvE daily achievements[edit]

Event Completer
The event completer daily requires you to complete four events in a specific area. Since this is limited to a single area, players will often coordinate in map chat announcing ongoing events.
Vista Viewer
The vista viewer daily requires you to visit a single vista in a specific region. Especially the cities or starter areas of each region have vistas that are very simple to reach, allowing a fast completion of these achievements.
Daily gathering (Forager, Lumberer, or Miner)
These achievements require you to gather plants, wood or ore in specific regions. If your home instance features gathering nodes, you can also visit the one in the required region and progress on the achievement there.
Daily Fractal
These achievements require you to participate in Fractals of the Mists. There are also versions that limit the difficulty level.
World bosses
The world boss achievements require you to complete a world boss event. Since world bosses appear on a fixed rotation, you should plan ahead to see when you need to participate in order to complete the daily.
Daily Activity Participation
Participate in any activity.
Daily Exotic Crafter
To complete this achievement, you need to craft a single exotic or ascended item. This can be done very easily by crafting an exotic Essence of Luck with an artificer, or by crafting one of the daily time-gated Ascended materials such as a Lump of Mithrillium.
Daily Mystic Forger
For this achievement, you need to use any Mystic Forge once.

PvP daily achievements[edit]

Daily PvP Capture and Daily PvP Defender
For these achievements, you need to capture or defend a point in a PvP match.
Daily PvP Player Kills
Kill three players in PvP for this achievements.
Daily PvP Rank Points
For this achievement, you need to earn 50 rank points.
Daily PvP Reward Earner
This achievement is awared when progressing in a PvP Reward Track.
Daily profession winner
This achievement requires you to win a PvP match with a specific profession.

WvW daily achievements[edit]

Big Spender
Spend 25 Badges of Honor, for example by purchasing blueprints.
Caravan Disruptor
Destroy a supply caravan.
Camp Capturer
Capture two resource camps.
Invasion Defender
Defeat three enemy invaders, not including NPCs.
Keep Capturer
Capture one of the three keeps on each WvW map.
Land Claimer
Defeat a sentry and capture the point it was defending.
Master of Ruins
Capture one of the ruins necessary for Borderlands Bloodlust.
Mists Guard Killer
Defeat five NPC guards.
Objective Defender
Defend a structure during an enemy assault. The achievement is rewarded when a defend event is successful.
Tower Capturer
Capture a tower.
Veteran Creature Slayer
Defeat the veteran warg, the harpy veteran, or the veteran wurm on a Borderlands map.


The reward for completing the "Daily Completionist" meta achievement is 10 Arenanet Points.png. In addition, each individual achievement rewards one of the following bonus chests:

PvE achievement rewards
PvP achievement rewards
WvW achievement rewards


  • The daily progress is reset each day at midnight, 00:00 UTC.
  • The dailies have undergone many changes to how they work since the release of the game. The full history is documented on the history subpage. Research about the current cycle is ongoing on the research subpage.
  • Like all other achievements, daily achievements are tied to the account, which means that you can complete different achievements on different characters to complete the meta achievement.
  • Reward bonus chests from achievements are displayed as a pop-up in the lower-right corner of the screen. Unlike other bonus chests, these are character-bound and will disappear when you log out or switch your character so you should claim them as soon as possible.
  • Accounts where the level of the highest character that ever existed is below level 30 will only see the first three achievements of each category. Accounts with a highest character level below level 10 will only see the first achievement of each category.


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