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Disambig icon.png This article is about the game controls. For the combat mechanics, see Control.

Controls are functions used by the player to open menus, activate skills and abilities, and otherwise allow the character to interact with the game mechanics. Key-mappings, or hot-keys, are shortcuts that allow the player to quickly access or open skills and windows. The following list is the current listing of hot-key options at their default settings. Those listed as Unassigned do not have a key mapped to that action by default. All of the following actions may be mapped to different keys by the player allowing for the player to customize the shortcuts to their own preferences. Currently, mouse camera controls can not be remapped and are limited to the left and right mouse click buttons, except when action camera is toggled on.

In game appearance Controls


W, Move Forward / Double tap to dodge forward
S, Move Backward / Double tap to dodge backward
Q, Strafe Left / Double tap to dodge left while standing and forward left while moving forward
E, Strafe Right / Double tap to dodge right while standing and forward right while moving forward
A Turn Left
D Turn Right
V Dodge
R,Num Lock Auto-Run
Unassigned Walk
Space Jump
Space Swim Up
Unassigned Swim Down
Unassigned About Face
` Swap Weapons / Drop bundle, or exit transformation (excludes Polymorph Moa and Death Shroud)
1 Weapon Skill 1
2 Weapon Skill 2
3 Weapon Skill 3
4 Weapon Skill 4
5 Weapon Skill 5
6 Healing Skill
7 Utility Skill 1
8 Utility Skill 2
9 Utility Skill 3
0 Elite Skill
F1 Profession Skill 1 — (e.g. F1 activates Fire Attunement for elementalists)
F2 Profession Skill 2
F3 Profession Skill 3
F4 Profession Skill 4
F5 Profession Skill 5
Ctrl+T Call Target
T Take Target
Unassigned Nearest Enemy
Tab Next Enemy
Shift+Tab Previous Enemy
Unassigned Nearest Ally
Unassigned Next Ally
Unassigned Previous Ally
Unassigned Lock Auto Target
User Interface
Esc Closes any open dialogue or opens the Game Access Dialogue
O Black Lion Trading Dialog
Y Contacts Dialog
G Guild Dialog
H Hero Dialog
I Inventory Dialog
K Pet Dialog
F12 Logout
Unassigned Mail Dialog
F11 Options Dialog
P Party / Invite, kick, or leave party
Unassigned PvP Panel
Unassigned PvP Build
B Scoreboard or World vs World standing in PvE
N Information Dialogue
\ Chat Show / Hide
/ Chat Command — (e.g. "/wave" activates the wave Emote)
Enter,Return (NUM) Chat Message
Backspace Chat Reply
Ctrl+Shift+H Show / Hide the user interface
Unassigned Free Camera
Page Up Zoom In
Page Down Zoom Out
Unassigned Look Behind
Print Screen Normal
Unassigned Stereoscopic
M Open / Close
Space Recenter
Page Down Floor Down
Page Up Floor Up
+, = Zoom In
-, _ Zoom Out
Unassigned AoE Loot
F Interact / Revive / PvP Finisher — (performs context-sensitive actions)
Left Ctrl Show Enemy Names
Left Alt Show Friendly Names
Unassigned Stow / Draw Weapons
Right Ctrl Language Quick Toggle
Unassigned Ranger Pet Combat Toggle

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