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Disambig icon.png This article is about the user interface. For the achievement, see Hero (achievements).
Hero panel Menu Bar icon.png
The hero panel (default H) is a graphical user interface element which displays information about the character and account.


  • Hero panel equipment icon.png Equipment: This tab gives an outline of the character and allows the player to see and change the equipment used. There are three sub tabs to this tab;
    • Equipment — displays items in the character's inventory, current equipment (armor, weapons, trinkets, and gathering tools), and character information (name, level, profession, attributes).
    • Wardrobe — allows usage of Transmutation Charges to change the character's equipment to a skin from the available unlocked skins.
    • Dyes — allows dye to be applied to the currently equipped armor or outfit.
    • Outfits — allows an outfit to be selected that is shown above the armor of a character.
    • Miniatures — allows players to select miniatures that follow the character.
    • Finishers — allows players to select the finisher used.
    • Mail Carriers — allows players to select the mail carrier used when sending mail to players or receiving game mail.
  • Hero panel skills and traits icon.png Build: used to equip skills and traits
  • Hero panel training icon.png Training: used to unlock skills and traits with hero points
  • Hero panel story journal icon.png Story Journal: show the character's progress in the Personal Story and Living World
  • Hero panel crafting icon.png Crafting: shows the character's crafting disciplines and all learned recipes
  • Hero panel achievements icon.png Achievements: shows the account's progress with achievement categories


Build and Training