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An emblem seen in multiple bandit camps.

Bandits are humans who have dissented against the Krytan kingdom and live out in the wilderness, attacking villages and Seraph alike. Though initially appearing to be a series of grouped individuals like the pirates, bandits seem to be a united, or at least a mostly united faction. A shared symbol is seen on their hide outs throughout Queensdale and Harathi Hinterlands. Their main goal appears to be the dethroning of Queen Jennah and the Krytan government.

Bandits have been seen throughout Kryta and the Brisban Wildlands, where they are in surprisingly large numbers. They are in an alliance with centaurs in the war, supplying the centaurs with both materials and enslaved villagers. They are also attempting alliances with the Inquest and Nightmare Court.

Rumors indicate that many bandit organisations are tied to the White Mantle. Several ministers and parts of the Ministry Guard are secretly supporting them. There is strong evidence of support by Julius Zamon and Caudecus Beetlestone.

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